Friday, July 18, 2008

Have you seen us?

Went to the Zoo!!
For Keilani's birthday.
Had fun seeing these.
But had more fun doing this.
and this,
and this,
and this.
Always something in this boys mouth!!!
Mom, do I have to?
What now!!
Mom, it's embarrassing!!

Take one of me!!!!


Just get over there (grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt, grunt, notice the only one who was OK with it?)
OF COURSE- every where we go something gets broken- just a LITTLE embarrassing...

It is really hard to take photos at the zoo, every time you want to take one, you just get the back sides of them, it gets old after awhile. I would ask politely to turn and look at me so I could snap a shot, Politely they would turn around and smile at me in disgust. (haters)

(Note)---I had to put this on here, it is not my favorite, my favorite is when they have their get up on, their faces on, and their tongues out the whole time, we have a lot of video of great ones, but too lazy to find them. I put this on for all the people who have never seen the Haka- so when I talk about it in this post you will get a good idea.

The things I want to remember about this trip is all the funny things said, so here I go-

Leila- Dad, look there's a mouse. ( squirl running across the road).

Lavi- Dad, there is a monkey. (gorilla, really).

Katalina- He look there are our cousins. (looking a the gorilla's).

Elaiasi- Dada sio (look) bum bum (looking at the back end of a monkey).

Keilani- mom, there is a ox- (looking at a buffalo).

Aanya- Mom, when we move, please lets not move to where their is any farms- the smell is killing me.

Maka- Look Elaiasi- lets go look at the hippo- (it was a rhinoceros).

As you can read, we definitely need to learn our animals, guess we defiantly need to go back to the zoo, SOON.

Here is where the haka comes in, in the Islands, the warriors would do the haka before going into war, I don't speak Maori, just Tongan, but I do know that the first line means, life and death. Anywho- Every time he would go up to the fierce beasts, Elaiasi would stand right next to the glass and start doing the haka dance, It was too funny, and he loved the attention. (Wonder where they get that from?).
Then he would straight up in his mean Tongan voice tell the beasts- hey "u" ha'u, or in Engish, hey you- come.... Guaranteed that the beast where too afraid of myyyii warrror.

Everywhere we go we get a lot of attention, whether, we are doing performances, or just walking down the road, or anywhere, we just get noticed, It might be cuz I have the most beautiful family in the world,(yes, I am biast), or that they all have such long hair, or that they all match, or maybe cuz I have 5 girls in a row, but mostly just cuz I have too many children. People kept starring at us, as we would stroll by, stop and talk to us, or even take pitchers of us. I honestly felt like they all came to the zoo to look at our monkeys, I felt like we stole the show.. again.... :}

I am soo many posts behind, I will try to be a better blogger,( to busy with life), you know how it goes right?

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Amy said...

ahhhh.. the annual trip to the zoo. THe monkeys and apes fascinate me. I think they are a little too human like and I love to watch them. My kids were really more interested in the dippin; dots than in the animals. It is a fun place to go. You're kids are sooo darling. I am glad you had fun.

Cheryl Anne said...

I had someone tell me that I was brave to take all 4 of mine out to the store, I don't know if there are words to describe how awesome you are to take your kids all out to the zoo, sounds like you had a fun time :)

Becky said...

My bro went to New Zealand on his mission, and came back doing the Haka. Freaked me out, but I love it. Have you seen Lord of the Rings? In the 2nd movie, the battle scene, during the filming they started doing the Haka. They did a blurb about it on the bonus features.

samiam said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I love the one of all of the kids. They are all so stinkin' cute. The baby is getting soooo big, where has the time gone? I bet they stare cause you all are so beautiful! =)

Misty said...

***Update: they are also running the clearance additional 50% off sale at the Sandy Old Navy and it ends in both Sandy & AF at closing tonight (July 21)!

The Bennetts said...

Devri don't you ever appoligize about not blogging. You are the best blogger I know. I don't know where you find the time. Looks like a ton of summer fun.

Brenda said...

I heart the zoo! And how do you know Misty? She was my old neighbor!

Mother Goose said...

I love zoo trips and yes you have quite the brew but they are so beautiful! Kinda rude, actually to take everyone's pics. Maybe, you should start charging as well! You must be a wonderful parent. I only have 4 and people were like I don't know how you do it. Ummm... its called parenting, consistency, love and discipline. I do not get these people who have one or two children and they say they can't go out to eat blah blah blah. Well parent them!( sorry soap box)

Holly H. said...

Such cute kids you have. It looks like they had fun at the zoo, but the question is... did you? :)

We get season tickets to all the BYU football games and I love watching them do the Haka before each one. It sure gets the crowd going!

Garn Family said...

Your family is adorable! Hope you are all doing well! Your blog is great and I am always impressed!

Mother Goose said...

I have just tagged you and your beautiful life. Please come to my blog for the details. BTW, I think everyone will come to your website when you have it up!

Jessie said...

Hey sweets! No, you didn't ruin my announcement! lol I think almost everyone knew, but just didn't have the motivation to post anything online! Thanks for your sweet words! Can't wait to get all caught up on your blog! :) I'm starting to feel somewhat less nauseous!

Omgirl said...

Devri, congratulations! You just won my Pay It Forward Choclate Giveaway contest! Go to my blog for details. Thanks for particpating!

Suka and Brittany said...

Gorgeous family! Gorgeous blog! I just wanted to say hi!

Suka and Brittany said...

Hey again, thx for your sweet comments! After his mish, the hubs went to BYU-H and then transferred here when we got married. I agree about the poly thing- I've only been blogging for a few months and I think you're the only one I know of other than my husbands friends! I'll definitely be lookin' in on ya! Later-

Suka and Brittany said...

OK, duh, I forgot to answer your question: I saw you linked on Mindi's blog... and I found her blog just last week through my friend who knows her- this is sounding like one of those "my cousin's friend's dog's auntie's..." so I'll stop now

Family said...

Who let the kids out!

Jessie said...

That's such a great post. I love all the funny things the kids said and the warrior dance! That is too much. Sometime you need to video tape that. No wonder people were taking pics... you guys are so cute.