Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About Me- and my family

Hi nice to meet you, I am Devri

When I am not doing what I love(blogging) I am in manic mode taking care of my oh so litle family. Me and my native Tongan Husband have been married for little over 11 years.. In those years we have mangaged to be pregnant a total 13 times, out of the 13 times I have 7 living children, 5 girls in a row, then our 2 little boys, ages range from 10 down to 5 months. We love them and would never give them up for anything, ok maybe for a night out alone...

I hope you enjoy my blog, my oh so crappy writing style, and learn and drool over my beautiful children..

I in my spare time, design web templates, bog designs, layouts, and bling..

Stay tuned my website will be up shortly, and then I can share my work with you..