Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Santa and his Elfs

I thank you for putting smiles on my kids faces yesterday. They were so excited for your arrival, that they kept waking up all night long. I know that we could have done without this year and we would have been ok, but you chose to help a family out and I am grateful to you and your elf's.

Words will never express my gratitude towards you my dear friend. Know that I thank you and thank all your little elf's prayer in our behalf. WE have felt the love, we have felt the unconditional kindness of you guys, we have gotten the best present from you... Love..

On Christmas eve, we went and spent it with Maka's sister. The fun times there, and the spiritual night, was a great time, and helped us remember the real reason for the season.

Santa, I want you and your elf's to know that you have a special place in my heart for all time and eternity.


When we get done moving, I will post Christmas 2008, but for now I must pack, pack, pack..

What!? It is the 27th, and we haven't even started packing yet? Well if that comes as a shock to you, you must not know me too well..

Mrs. procrastinator, yep that is me.. I will start tomorrow, stop for Sunday, and finish up on Wed to move the stuff out of here...

NOW who wants to babysit, so I can actually can get something accomplished?

Time line of our move.....

Found out we were moving a week and a half ago.

Found a house last week..

Got Christmas out of the way..

Refusing to take down tree till there is nothing in my house anymore.

Starting to pack tomorrow.

Going to church on Sunday..(of course)

Packing like a mad lady on Monday, Monday Night, Tuesday, Tuesday night, And all the Tongans will move us out on Wednesday.

Good thing about this house.. I don't have to clean it....Yay!!!!! I should, but I am not... let the bank do that right?! (no it is not us who forclosed)

Wednesday night, go to our Ward New Years Eve par-tay, and dancing it up with my hubby and kids, after midnight, have a ward breakfast,

And then finally sleep.. Only to wake up in a new house, and unpack it all..

hmmm- did anyone count how many sleepless nights that will be for me?

I hope I am alive after all of this,

If I never post again.. Please know that I am leaving this " will" to my bloggin' Family.

If I should die packing and moving..

This blog will go in the hands of my sister Chelsea.

Then she will distribute all to go around...

Cj Purple Diva will get the "Attitude of this blog"

I would like my Spiritual Sundays to go to Jan.

I would like my layouts to go to Mother goose.. cuz she would know what to do with it foah shoa..

If you ever miss me, you can come to my blog and take this comment, copy and paste it in your comment board..

"oh my goodness, you have such a funny post, I heart it dearly, and I heart you."

Now I am off to sleep, wish me luck....

If I make it back, and don't die off- I have like a million posts to share with you... especially the dropping the cell phone in the poopy toilet.. (thanks Chels)

See ya next year..

Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I am gone.

ok, maybe I should be a little more strict with that... oh well..

I know I should have linked ya all, on the flip side I will I promise.. If not.... sue me. lol

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the mama hood said...

Sure wish I could be there to help! It would be a blast for our kids to play together! We will be in SLC for my lil sis in laws grad. in June so I will hollah at you later to let you know so we can see you and your famili! So glad you had a Kilisimasi Fie fia!! Ofas!!


I am so happy Santa and his elves pulled through again this year and that you had a merry Christmas!!!I wish I lived closer and I would for sure babysit or pack. I am good at packing.Organization oris it OCD is my middle name. I will keep you and your sweet family in my prayers((((HUGS))))

Kristina P. said...

Wow! Congrats on the house and moving! I will be here when you get back!

Messy Jess said...

LOVED IT! Do you live near me? I will babysit and bring donuts and milk!

Supercool Hotmama said...

So glad that you had a great Christmas! Good luck with the crazy fast move. Thank goodness for that huge Tongan Ward Family you have to help with the heavy lifting! Big HUGS!

Mother Goose said...

i am so glad you had a great spiritual christmas at your sil's house. And that santa and his elves were good to your family because you so richly deserve to be given to because you give so much to others. you and your family are strong and survivors. I'm sorry your home was foreclosed on, dang it! what were they doing with your rent payments? definitely not paying the mortgage. There is a blessing that you found a home so quickly.

please know if I were there I would be right next to you packing and laughing and I would have my kids and hubz babysit. ok, not hubz because he is strong as a tongan and his skillz would be used much better moving.
may the new year bring you more joy, happiness and peace than the year before.

Mother Goose said...

ohh and woman!!! you will be back but thank you so much for the layouts, you know... I'm just saying.... Hey chelsea.

ok, I need the address of your new home. send it to

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Girlfriend, I needs your attitude cause well I ain't got enough! LOL
I am so thankful that things are slowly working out. I know it's been a hard time, but I feel that the Lord is in charge and is going to take care of you and your little Tongan family!
If I were closer, you know I'd be right there helping do whatever I could do. I know you will have help cause you are loved dearly!
We'll all be here waiting on the flip side!
I'm keep you in my prayers for peace, strength, and sleep-at some point!
Hugs and kisses ♥

Merrianne said...

you are so funny & will be missed!

Brittany said...

GIRL!! I was out of town for a couple weeks! I had no clue you were moving or anything! I missed "reading" ya... i hope you had a nice christmas, even though you're probably stressing out now! talk to you soon

Jan said...

I can't believe this. So much for you. I wish I could help. Then you take the time to thank Santa and the Elfs. You are the sweetest.

Good luck with the move. Glad you found a house too.

I will miss you and I will do the Sunday post for ya. No prob. Take care and just one box at a time right.

HILLARY said...

you will survive. just keep singing the eye of the tiger. you got that for sure. oh, and let those who offer to help, help. i wish i was closer so i could help. are to moving to california??? wouldn't that be nice! good luck and watch for the book i sent you. it should be there soon!!

oh, and YEAY for no cleaning!

Kerri said...

Devri, If you would like to distribute some of your children to me I am happy to watch them. I'm not so sure that I could handle all 7 with my 4, but who knows? Let me know how I can help!

Motherboard said...

If I knew where you lived I would bring sandwiches and play with the little ones.

You will be back. Oh yes. You will be back.

Here's to a successful move!


Tara D said...

Whoa, that's a lot of stuff to get done in such little time. Good luck with that, and have a wonderful New Year's! We'll miss ya!

Vaitai 6 said...

sounds like ALOT of FUN!!!... the DANCE that is!

Kilisimasi Fiefia and a Happy New Year!!!

The Vaitai's!

Christie said...

Wow - that totally sucks! I hope you survive the move.

Misty said...

Good luck with the move. Do you need help?

Misty said...

PS - I didn't hear back from you again. Did you still need what you asked for, or did you get it taken care of?

Cynthia said...

Ugh! Good luck. I cannot imagine how much work it would be to move a family of 6. Good luck. We'll 'see' you when you come up for air!

The Lyman Family said...

Devri It sounds like you guys had a good Christmas! I'm glad evrything worked out. I wish we lived a little closer, I'd love to help out. Good luck with the move... I hope you pull through it all cause it just couldn't be the same with out you! Hope it all goes well

Renee said...

Good luck girl! Moving is so stressful.