Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GIVEAWAY: TruShape Body Contouring

GIVEAWAY: TruShape Body Contouring

Now who in the world wouldn't want this done ;).. Not u? Good more chances for me!!

Peace out :P

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anyone Home??

Boy at one point in my life I was a huge blogger with a huge following. Hmmm now im not, nor do i have anyone following this probably. Im ok with that. I need this to be a place where i dont feel like i have to please anyone, just sit and write my feelings out for the day.

Life has been interesting to say the least. Family is growing up, and we still have many trials that take a toll, but never ever do we give up.

As i brush off the cobwebs i hopefully get out of my writers block and get this poor blog somewhat caught up. If not we can all just pretend you just hit your head really hard and you just lost about a year of life k great..

we'll see ;)

Peace out!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Ghosts Real?

No, I am serious. As I don't believe in spooky ookie, ghosts and goblins, I believe in spirits, good and bad.

I know their is the 3rd Godhead named the Holy Ghost. I also know that spirits are all around us. Proof?!


When we were in our old house, I heard laughing, and giggling. I had sent my children to bed, and had went into their room to settle them down. They were asleep. I heard it again, a little giggle. I was sure Lavi was fake sleeping, so I went next to her bed. Out cold was she.

I didn't think much into it, and as I was in the bathroom coloring my hair, I heard it again, this time I felt like she was right next to me, I turned to look, a little girl about age 4 with dark hair and looked a bit like Aanya was jumping rope in my hall way.

I didn't feel frightened, I felt like I wanted to join in. She blew a kiss to me, and she was gone. I went to bed wondering if she was the miscarriage I had had recently, or was she a girl yet to come down to our family. But I knew she was family.

Well, I know their are bad spirits down here too, I will not go into detail, (it eggs them on) but last night I felt their presence in our house late last night, Maka was not home, and to be honest I felt fear. Until I closed my eyes, prayed to my Father in Heaven to help Protect our family while our Priesthood was out. I finished my prayer, opened my eyes, and felt the pressure lift.

Why do I tell you these things? Well silly, you don't know by now?

Times are tough, and Satan knows in these last days he is gonna lose. He is trying with all his might to make people, families, fail.

Yup, even our family.

He has been trying and he will not succeed. I guarantee it! He has the power to bruise thy heal, but you have the power to crush him..

Go ahead...

I'm waiting, cuz he really is starting to get under my nerves. lol

Spiritual, not spiritual, religious, not. It doesn't matter. Every one know good v/evil....

And we all know.....


Onward Soldiers!


Yes, I am not guaranteeing a full force come back, but I guarantee I will write in here a bit more often. I miss writing in here, I just am manic with 7 kids running wild in my jungle. I know you understand.. Mwah for that.

The end.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schools Out

(Does anyone else panic when they hear these words)

That means more mess, more meals, more (keepsake) papers from through out the year that will go in the trash, sneakily of course... #1 mom right here.

Yes, I have never saved one paper, one drawing, not one 100% your the greatest award.

Do people really save it all? I couldn't even imagine what our house would look like if it were cherished.

Yes, I am 100% prime evil, and I don't care.

My children will grow up and ask to see there stuff, really? I haven't once.

If they do, I will tell them it was all lost in the fire. What????? really, I am sure they burn paper after I dispose of it somewhere. sheesh.

I have too many children, I never give the teachers thank you presents, I hate my kids begging for them and saying everyone else is doing it. I figure taking my rug rats outa there class is thank you enough. Nuff said.

But with more mess, comes more cleaning, more meals, more dishes, more cleaning, more free spare time, thanks to lil babysitters.

What am I tryin to get at?

I suck at being a mom.

But hey we read scriptures, say prayers, try not to beat each other up..

That's what it is really about right?


Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok Keilani was really never dead, but her bright spirit and her body have been in the dumps for a very long time. 8 weeks.

Yes, there are people sadly worse off than Keilani, peoples children who never get better, people who never can walk again or worse.

But being in such severe pain for 8 weeks can get to you. Her body was shutting down, her soul was not shining, no talking, no fighting. Just laying there in her recliner, stuck.


I gave her drugs at 10:30pm... she usually wakes, so I never set the alarm to get up and give her meds in the night, we usually watch a lot of Netflix, and arts and crafts all night long.


This beautiful girl slept through the night, she woke up smiling, I woke up in shock, ran down stairs to see what was up, and found her still sleeping. She opened her eyes and smiled, she said, mama I didn't even wake up last night.. Tears rolled down my face.


She will never be the same, she will continue to have TMJ issues, which in the first place the surgeon thought was not going to be the case, but when he got her in surgery, he opened her jaw and noticed and heard the clicking and popping.


It took place on Monday, and we are so thankful for the knowledge and the angel who made her better.


Imma going on a date. Maybe get my haircut, and just sit back and relax and know that God is in my life and knows and answers our prayers.



Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The other day I saw on FB a shout out from Dani C Photography that they needed some more girls in their Model/giveaway search.. I thought to myself that I should enter my girls for fun just because we need a little happy and excitement in our lives. I thought that it wouldn't hurt anything and we could win some fun cute stuff.

So I entered... Then I uploaded all 7 of my kids photos and told her to choose one because I couldn't choose, it is not fair.

I got on her sight, and all 7 were in the contest, she replied back to me, that she was doing so, and all 7 were gorgeous.. lol of course (bias a bit)

Sooo the game was on.. Only not really a model search.. More of a how many people can you get to comment on your child's photo.. lol

So remind me never to do these again.. I know my children are bootiful.. I don't need a contest to remind me, but I am in it now, and can't back down....

So this post is to beg you if you have a fb account to help me out..

Step 1.

"like" Dani C Photography FB page.

Step 2.

Go to the category's (links) that say... 3-10 boys, 3-10 girl, 11-16 girls.. And click on your favorite girl.. (preferably one that has a last name of NAULU on it lol)

Remember you can only vote once in each category, and yes I have more than one in each.. I don't care who you vote for, just pick your favorite. ;)

Thanks, and if you feel like it spread the word, cuz I hate losing lol.

The end..


Update on Keilani...

She is getting stronger her walking is improving, and even though she is in pain, her spirit is looking more lively specially since being at home in her own home. We are still waiting for insurance to give the go on Surgery..

So we wait.. Thanks again for your continued prayers.. We feel them.

Ofa lahi atu

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh the LIFE!

Don't worry mom kept her entertained at the hospital!

Everyday she had many freinds and family visit, she loved it.

The day we were leaving, we went for a walk, came back and her bunny was takin ovah her bed!

Many therapys tried to help her spirits :) But, everday the dogs would come in, they would look at her, and sit and go to sleep.. Never failed. Maybe they senced she was hurting and wanted to leave her alone??

I refuse to show the photos of her in really bad shape, but this last friday where she had a hard time breathing, the home health nurse sent us to the ER cuz she thought possibly she has a blood clot in her lungs. Glad it wasn't, but she did get Broncitis. :(

Life is funny, you can be flying high, then the next minute a wind gush can take you crashing to the ground. I refuse to crash, that is not my style, I am more likely to do flips on my way down, and gracefully, land.

Still having issues with my poor Keilani, she was admitted to Primary Children's Medical Center a couple of weeks ago, and stayed almost 2 weeks in that lovely place.

I took her to the doc, she couldn't walk and talk, she was very pale, and I just didn't feel right. The Doc immediately sent us to PCMC on the fact her blood pressure, and heart rate were so dang low. And there we stayed.

I haven't posted and I am behind, but during this Maka's dad passed away, I will post later bout that.

We got home and PCMC had sent us to go see a TMJ Specialist. I made the opp ointment and everyday my Nani cried in pain I comforted her by saying that it would only be a little while longer that she would have to endure the pain. You see her very small break has healed, but she continues to have horrible pain, where she can't open her mouth very much at all.

Can you imagine living life all the time with your pain scale a 7?

She is one tough cookie.

Yesterday was the day for our much anticipated appt. We woke up with great spirits and thought today is the day we see the light at the end of our tunnel.

Then I got the call.

"Mam, just making sure you will be at your appt. today, and that you will bring the payment today".

Me- I will bring our copay yes.

Lady- Uh, your insurance doesn't cover this, so you need to bring 350.00 for the consult.

Me- Well, we could pay the consult, but couldn't pay for the treatment, so never mind we will find someone else. bye. click..

I was so devastated. blah

I grabbed out insurance card, called them. The lady on the phone said, "yes you are covered but you need to find someone were contracted with. I will find someone for you."

I was going through my head.. "are you kidden me?, if we need to schedule another appointment, it will be another 2 weeks before she is even seen." Just then the insurance lady said I will contact them, I said OK, but was really trying not to be too down, our family and so many people were praying for our Keilani, I had to keep the faith somehow.

They contacted a maxillfacial surgeon who also specializes in TMJ injury's. The receptionist said.. "oh I just got off the phone with a client who canceled.. Would you want there spot today?"

My eyes teared up with joy, and said yes. I got off the phone, and said a prayer of thanks, and apologized for my lack of faith for the moment.

Before the Maxillfacial Surgeon walked in the room, we heard him pick up the chart, look over it and started to open the door, but he stopped.. I could tell he was just standing there doing nothing, I was confused. lol

But finally he walked in and said... Keilani I am so excited to finally meet you. Do you know why? Keilani said.."Cuz your gonna take my pain away?".. He laughed and said, "Yes I AM".

He then went on to say, he was excited to finally meet her because you see he had been worried about a someone who he needed to help, he didn't know who it was, and this thought couldn't get out of his head for over a month now.

My jaw dropped, as he kept talking my mind was racing putting all the pieces together for the last month. I KNEW with out a shadow of a doubt, the LORD has his hands in this, and wasn't going to give up, so we better not either.

He stated that her bite was way off, we knew that, and he said her face was still swollen. Yup.

But after the consult and looking at the MRI from PCMC.. He was shocked they had missed so many important signs and showings from the MRI.

But if they found something, this wonderful man who I know for a fact is meant to help Keilani for a reason, wouldn't be.

If they found something, we wouldn't learn from this trial, we wouldn't grow, then all this pain and suffering would be for nothing.

HE defiantly has his hands in this plan, and I am not one to step in his way.

Keilani is an amazing girl.. For over a month now this girl, who loves life, loves food, loves soccer. Has given it up to grow, to help her parents and all those in our and her lives grow spiritually.

She is still enduring the pain, we have very many sleepless nights, I see it on her face, I see it on mine. But that is temporal, and what we are working for is Eternal, so we will endure the pain, and keep the faith.

There was a time in the hospital we thought we were losing her. We saw her slipping away, I knew she wouldn't leave us, but it put life into prospective. Something so little can turn into something so big..

In a heart beat.

I am so thankful for all who have been praying for us, and continue to pray and help take care of me and my LITTLE family. We have had members, inactive, and non members reach out to us, help us in so many ways, that I just tear up every time I think about it all.

I love each and everyone of you, more than you will ever know. I love my church, and thankful to have the knowledge of Eternal Life and that if I keep the faith and live to the best I can. I will never be left alone.

So the plan....

If the insurance will hurry up, we will have surgery on Friday. They will go through the inside of her mouth..


They will repair the joint, do a steroid injection, and a numbing block.. weird huh.

You see we got wonderful news that there is a difference between a injury to the joint itself, and the TMJ disorder. And thankfully after the joint heals, she will too..

He said by the time the numbing block was complete, so would she.

In fact 95% success rate..

That makes mama happy. We know she will have slight problems but...

That slight is nothing compared to what this poor girl has endured..

Phew I know I am leaving out a lot of information.. But

dude, you seen the size of this post?

Peace out!