Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elder Corum Activity turned into a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

First off, I have to show you my son's new word. Everytime my girls are in there swimsuit, he loves to say it, he at the time was being naughty playing on the computer like he is not suppose to be doing, and Keilani came up the stairs and gave him a dirty look, he laughed and said it was not funny, he looked down at her swimsuit and said "Bum Bum" Pauu!!!

We had a Elders Corum Activity on Saturday, spent the day swimming, talking and of course EATING!!! It was an enjoyable day, and the kids loved being out of their neighborhood, funny thing is this reservoir is basically next to our neighborhood.. Tons of food, tons of fun. When my husband stood up and thanked everyone for coming, he mentioned that their must be some adults down watching the kids swim, that he didn't want to see any bad things happen today. ( Last year we were witness to our nephew drowning, thankfully I knew CPR and could bring him back..)

So off the kids went, there the parents stayed, there were probably 35 kids at least who were 10 and under that probably didn't know how to swim.. So of course I went down to be the lifeguard on duty... We had a fun day, and thankfully nobody had to be saved...besides, can you really save someone in water you can't even see your foot in? So we went home, took baths, and went to bed excited for the Big Fathers Day.. So you are probably thinking, that is not a nightmare, that is a blessing...

Well here is where the nightmare began-- I set the alarm so me and the kids could wake up and make my husbands favorite breakfast Strawberry Crepes.. The alarm went off, and I also heard the toilet flushing, I wondered who it was, until I turned over not to see my husband in bed.. I thought to myself, MAN, we wanted to do breakfast in bed, he came out of the bathroom and to my surprise he looked like death... I said sorry you are sick on Father's day, couldn't even talk, he just did the Tongan YES, which is a quick raise of the eyebrows,(you actually have to see it in order to appreciate this technique, and you defiantly have to get use to it.) So in order to not make the kids feel bad, he still ate the breakfast, and then we proceeded to get ready for church. About an half an hour before church, as asked my husband if he thought he'd make it to church and he said, "you go, and when my stomach settles down I will follow."

So I went to church by myself, with 7 children, and a nursing baby, a son who gets kicked out of nursery every week, and a nursing baby. I hurried and said a prayer that I would not commit suicide today.(JK) And other bad thing was that for dinner I had already started coo kin' 45 dollars of meat, and he didn't even take a bite... Poor Maka we love you and hope you feel better,

Lavi- Dad why aren't you going to church today?

Dad- I am sick and have diarrhea, and can't get my bum off the toilet. Lavi- Hey everyone dad can't go to church cuz he has the diarrhea.

(after Sacrament Meeting in front of everyone)

Ward member- sorry to see you by yourself today, did Maka take Father's day for granted or what?

Lavi- No, my daddy has the diarrhea and can't get his bum off the toilet. Elaiasi- Bum Bum.

Ward member laughing historically)- Oh sorry to hear that.

Bishop- what kind of food did you make him for breakfast?

Now this is how the day before tied into all of this, they were grilling chicken, and sometimes they don't cook it all the way, and my husband's body can handle it usually, until he got sick, and now it seems he can't handle it anymore. So tonight when he was dragging that sore bum :} to work, I mentioned that maybe he should make sure his food is cooked from now on..

On the plus side, Maka for Father's day got from Aanya a BYU tie, and the girls got him a new shaver, Lavi gave him a kiss, and Kono gave him some spit up (OK a whole lot of it), and I, well I was his slave for the day, his doctor, his nurse, and I also let him give our money away for a funeral, and gas money so they could get back.. And I guess he also got a day to himself...:} We love you...Poor Maka we love you and hope you feel better.

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Howell Family said...

Your kids look like they are having fun and I am glad you were the life guard! Poor Maka. I hope he feels better.

James got a new grill. (Maybe that was more for me!)

Cheryl Anne said...

sick husbands are NO fun, especially on Father's day! Poor guy, hope he's feeling better by now.

Mother Goose said...

Sorry he was sick on his special day, and even more sorry you had to endure church by yourself. EQ activity sounds like eveyone had a ton of fun!

Renee said...

omg, so sorry to hear that! I hate it when my husband's sick. I know it sounds mean, but c'mon! It sounds like you had a great activity though, and it looks like your kids had fun!!!

samiam said...

Sorry the hubby was so sick. That stinks that it was on "his" special day. Sounds like you survived the day though! =)

Becky said...

oh, that is so sad, but I don't often laugh out loud...I did reading your blog. :)