Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hawaii for you!!!

My friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friends brothers cousins uncles sister, is giving away Hawaii, ok not really jus a bunch of stuff from there, she went and played with the sharks, and had a wonderful time, and even claims to be a ngutu now, but we all know I am the only palangi tongan, jk, she can, she seems pretty darn cool. Go check out her blog and enter, and give her a shout out so you can win, If I win I will donate the stuff to someone else, except the 25 dollar pf chang's gift card. (can't take food away from the Talo)-someone who eats to much..

2 coments:

Mother Goose said...

I hope you win. I am passing on this aloha love. I will be going for 3wks. Good luck!

Mindi said...

mahalo for the love!! (only hawaiian word i know besides aloha. pretty good, huh?)

two for you, sister! let's be friends.