Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindergarten time has come!!

Lavinia had her first day of Kindergarten. It came it went. It was not like any first day of school that I have eva been witness to. Let me explain-

We (she) has had her fav- outfit picked out, every night has tried it on, took it off hung it back up, kissed it goodnight).. The night before her school day came, her teacher called us, and said " oh I forgot to tell you that they are suppose to dress up like they are at the beach."

WHAT? Are you kidding me, not on this child's first day. I am sure they had a blast, but come on the 2ND or 3rd day, but not the day she has been waiting for about a month now.

Anywho-to make things worse, I forgot that Aanya had to get her 4 bicuspids pulled that morning, so I didn't even get to take her to school. (Aanya is getting braces in 2 weeks). But thankful for Maka who can get out of his busy schedule to help a child and a organized mama out.

Then Leila crown had fallen off, so went back to the dentist to put it back on.. So didn't even get to pick her up... Sad Sad Day... oh well, she had a fun time, so who cares right?

2 coments:

hoLLy said...

that IS weird they had them dress beachy on the very first day of school. but she of course fits that part perfectly. what a gorgeous island girl! love the flower in her hair!

Misty said...

She looks gorgeous, even if her lame-o teacher didn't realize how important a first day of school and a new outfit is for a girl. Is her teacher butch? Okay, that was mean, but COME ON!