Thursday, August 28, 2008

I HAVE a good reason!!!

I am the mostest craziest women right now. People has asked what I do all day long, let me run it down.. Then take your Thankful Thursday and add that you are thankful that you don't have to have my schedule.

Here it goes, ---------------Please remember to stop, take a breathe half way through it----I don't want to be responsible for any unconscious women or men......

Wake up a 5::30-

1. Eat breakfast, exercise, shower, wake kids up at 6:30, make the kids breakfast.

2. Start doing hair at 7:00, while doing hair somehow manage to nurse the baby, change diapers.

3. 8:30 take the now 4 children to the bus stop. Go back home get the other 3 kids ready for the day, do Leila's hair, and mine.

4. 9:00 start doing bookkeeping for Maka's business, feed baby again, put him to sleep, finish up bookkeeping and then at 10:00 relax for a long 15 minutes. Baby wakes up about 10:15, yes he only takes about a 15 minute nap..

5. Clean house from 10:30 to 11:00- go get Lavi from the school at 11:15, come home nurse baby, and start making lunch, change diapers, and then eat.

6. QUIET TIME- I hate to say it but I live for this..( 12:30-2:30). Only Elaiasi will sleep, the rest HAVE to watch a movie, and Kono only will sleep for about 15 minutes again. Don't forget all the diapers and feeding going on in that time.

7. 3:00 make a snack, kids come home from school about 3:30- eat a snack, then run Aanya to gymnastics, feed baby, and change diapers.

8. 4:00 run Keilani to soccer practice, and then get home and start making Maka his dinner.

9. 5:00 Go pick up Keilani from soccer, get home feed baby, baby will sleep about a half hour this time and then make dinner for the kids.

10. 6:30 Go pick up Aanya, come home eat dinner, family home eve, or just hang out till 7:30.

11. 7:30- is crunch time- Get the oldest to take a shower, give 4 youngest a bath, get their jams on, feed Kono cereal, and then nurse him, towel dry their hair, brush it, and braid it, and brush their teeth.

12. 8:00- Family scriptures, family prayer, hugs and kisses to the man, 8:30 in bed, say prayers and then read a book for a half an hour, feed Kono and put him to sleep for the night.

13. 9:00 Yeapy yay hoo- Lights out, bed time love you kids to death, but GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!

14. I work on my stuff, or stuff on the computer, and of course blog and lurk. Personal scriptures, and shower.about 12:00 or 1:00.

WE can't forget that is a typical day, not to mention all the holding of Kono while he is awake, the crying, the fighting, oh yea, the fun times, the memories, the happiness too.

There is a lot that goes on here that I didn't jot down, soccer games, parties, callings, achievement days, ward night, and so on.

Although my life is crazy, I would not change it for the world, my husband works constantly, but we live for the weekends when he can be home and life slows down (a little bit).

I hope you all enjoy your lives and your children, and remember that they are Heavenly Fathers children, and that we were given the opportunity to watch, teach and protect them....

Have a great day-

PS. there are like 4 posts today, look down and visit them too.

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MiaKatia said...

I love that you love your busy schedule and your lovely happy large family!

hoLLy said...

holy heck woman! thats craziness-but good craziness i say:)

Diaper Diva said...

I agree,the first day of school is a day where no one should ask a child to wear anything but that special outfit they have been dying to wear. She looked great in her beach gear!! I am a Mom of six and still am in awe of what you accomplish. I go to bed at 10:00 or 11:00 and if it's any later I am toast and no good for anything or anyone the next day. I am up between six and six thirty and should use that time to work out but sadly I don't, it is kid duty from the get go. You have inspired me to make a few changes in my crazy schedule.I also decided a long time ago that there should be NO GUILT in blogland. We are busy women who deserve a break and blogging should be a no pressure event.

samiam said...

I am tired just reading about your day. What? You don't go to bed until after midnight and still get up that early? I need at least 6, ok maybe 7 hours to even be able to stand up for the day! MOM of the year for you for sure!

Vanessa said...

You amaze me!

Fitzwater Family said...

I can actually sorta relate. But I cannot imagine all the hair to do. I only have one. And it is drama, drama, drama.... hee hee

Mother Goose said...

you want the bad news. Your schedule will not get easier. Those are the easy days. I think that is why I stay up so late or have insomnia so that I can get a head start on the next day and then time for myself. You have a rigid schedule, but you need one.
Good job, mom.

Renee said...

Oh the hair drama! I have it with my boys as well as my girls... it's enough to send me back to bed. I wish!

Angie said...

Oh, Devri!! Just keep in mind that "this too shall pass". I know the young stage is tough, but it does get easier in some ways and tougher in others. Wait until they all start having homework, projects, sports events, ect. It's tough to be a mom but very rewarding. You have such a beautiful family!!! Keep up the good work!

Amy said...

You AMAZE me! I am a lightweight... I could only handle 3 and they are very srpead out in age. I am a crazy mama and not in a funny sort of way... Keep up the good work!

Suka and Brittany said...

First- I love your new blog set-up. Second- your post is making me rethink staying at home!! jk

Sue and Mark said...

Love your new background..

What a devoted mom you are..Not everyone chooses, or "can do" what you do.

I promise you, it's all worth it and one day it will be even crazier..But what else matters?

The Petersons said...

Wow, I'm tired just from reading this! Hey, I'm the mom from "The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair." I just had to stop by your blog and tell you thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. What a beautiful family you have!! You must be supermom. (I can barely handle 3.)

Kat said...

I love your blog and I too am totally addicted and extremely happy to be in better touch again with you. I have just been a crappy friend and I feel bad about it. You guys look fantastic and I am sorry about your sweet little twin.

Two more things - #1 - you are amazing. I'm freaking out about having a third!

#2 it's funny you asked about the Rush's - they moved into our ward right after we did - such a small world. I'll tell her to invite you to her blog. ;)

tammy said...

I'm going back to wore me out!

Ashly said...

You are my hero! You are always so positive and you get so much done and you look good and all those kids and that hair! I now have three and luckily right now the baby only needs a bow. Way to go!

The Bennetts said...

Devri- You are amazing. I am going crazy with 3 kids. I totally understand the nursing and diaper changing routine. Good luck with this week.

Misty said...

WOW - you are crazy busy!