Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Thankful for Lavinia- She was born 1 day and 6 years ago. She is truly a joy
and such a blessing to have in our home. She will brighten your day with the
simple yet sincere things she says, and her eyes and smile with take your breath

2. For teachers at school, went to kindergarten with Lavi yesterday.. I have a lot
of kids in my house, but 27 of them.. No way- I could never be a teacher.. Hats
off to you all who truly care about your job, and who take in my children and
teach them, love them, and protect them while I am away.

3. Angels watching out over us. Lavi was almost hit by a car today.(yes, on her
birthday shopping spree), So close that I saw her life flash before my eyes, I'm
tearing up as I write this, Heavenly Father was truly watching out for us
today... thank you.

4. My husband. You all will never know how hard that man works so I can stay home
with my children. Day and night jobs, most days he only gets about 3 hours of

5. Biggest Loser 5. I joined Sharkbaits Biggest Loser 5. I truly needed it. I
don't call myself fat, but I am so out of shape it's not funny. I can't walk up
the temple stairs with out panting, back is hurting when I hold baby too long,
and just have no energy. Thank you Tib.

6. The little things in life. The world is so crazy lately, it was nice to stop
everything, and just be with my LITTLE family on Monday Night. I love to sit in
a circle, and have everyone just carry the same conversations with each other
without fighting, and hearing my children's testimony grow each new week.

I'll stop there for today.. Everyone have a great day, and love a little harder
today, and squeeze those little ones..

12 coments:

samiam said...

This is a great list. That hubby you have is quite a man! Hug those sweet children tight, they are a gift for sure!

Angie said...

You are very thankful today! I'm so glad your daughter didn't get hit. What a tradgedy that would have been! Have a great day!

Mindi said...

hit by a car?! what the?!!

i'm glad she was safe, too--incidents like that are so scary and such a huge reminder that what he have is a gift.

glad you are okay!

Tiburon said...

Such a great list! Thanks for thanking me :) That makes me all warm and fuzzy. And who couldn't use more fuzz? I am so glad your daughter is okay!

Pineapple Princess said...

I love your post and I am so glad your daughter is okay.

I am thankful for a house to protect me from the mosquitoes swarming around outside my window. Blessed walls and windows.

Renee said...

Oh my, I'm so glas she's ok!!!!

tammy said...

Thank goodness for angels and heaven's mercies! I thought seriously about joining Tib's biggest loser. I really need to do something. Good luck!

Vanessa said...

Great list! I'm thankful for Tiburon for doing BL too!

chantal said...

I love your thankful list!! I was taking a nap this afternoon and had a horrible dream where my son was hit by a car. I woke up crying because it seemed so real,I can only imagine how you felt!! Oh, and I can't figure out how to paste that award button thingy onto my blog. So I'm totally not trying to be a snob, I'm just dumb!!! LOL, I seriously don't know how to paste and copy and all that jazz!!

MiaKatia said...

Beautiful thoughts Devri. I am glad too that Heavenly Father was watching out for Lavinia.

Sue and Mark said...

I'm thankful for you Dev, and your great example as a mom and wife...

My favorite people on this planet are those who express gratitude..

We don't do it enough, thanx for the reminder..

Suzanne said...

Loved your list, Devri and I'm so glad that the angels were on red alert today. Scary. My grandfather's sister was named Lavinia. Is it a family name for your family?