Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged- and Wordless Wednesday (video style)

I pretty much did this yesterday on my own will, but I was tagged by this gorgeous woman, and I have to comply- so here it goes,


So- Let me think . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OK-

1. Random- I am wearing my garments typing this.

2. Random- I am in up to my ears, trying to make this new idea I am having in my head.

3. Random- I ate a yogurt for breakfast, a banana for snack, lunch I had Wendy's grill chicken, yes with fries, and a water, with a lemon. For after school snack, I got a penut butter sandwich, and for dinner, we had Sipi and Manioke..(Lamb and don't know the Eglish name for Manioke.)

4. Random- I forbid to put my Halloween up just yet, even though all you have already done it.. I love Halloween, but I wait till October.. ;)

5. Random- I only own 1 pair of socks. And I use them only for jogging' or walking' and I hate shoes, just bare feet and sandals for me please....

6. Random- I am debt free.

7. Random- I keep my house 100% clean, but my car looks like a tornado hit it, every once in awhile I clean it, but come on guys, would you have a clean house, or a clean car, and I don't have time for both!!

There you go, I did secrets yesterday, so today I chose random.

I am a rule breaker, so I tag everyone who reads this, that means if I do my daily check of who has been on here,( yes, even those who don't comment, I know you were here....) and I don't see you participate, I will cry and go into hiding..

so everyone your tagged!!! Take the photo and play already. I want to hear it all..

Video style------------ but to play this there is some rules.

You have to mute your volume, so there will be no words.

When you click play, cover your eyes and count to 13. as in 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, get it.

(there is a horrible shirt the man is wearing, bad foul yucky language and I don't like it, but I love this video, so follow my rules and you will be protected from the evil words on his shirt. don't forget, 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand just like that. Or if your pure evil, just watch.

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14 coments:

tammy said...

That was fun to read. I just barely put up my Halloween decor last weekend, but refused to do the front porch yet. I agree, a clean house is much better than a clean car. Besides, isn't that someone else's job?

Vanessa said...

My car is dirty, but so is my house. I have no excuse. And that poor woman! I wish we could have seen her nose afterward!

samiam said...

Debt free? NICE!
I just put up Halloween decorations but I have had "fall" stuff out for a while now... =)

Angie said...

I got a few sarcastic remarks about my Halloween decor being up early, but oh well! It's done. Now I will do the outside.

I love, love, love your randoms. I especially laughed at the "garments" one because that is how I'm dressed 1/2 the time I'm blogging! Thanks for playing along!

Pineapple Princess said...

Loved your randomness.

Can I do my random thought here? I Kay, thanks. 'Cause I am a rule breaker too.

Manioke is tapioca root in English and my random fact is that I pretend to not know how to cook Tongan food and let my hubby and mother in law do it. Get's me out of cooking at least once a week.

Can't wait to hear about your new idea.

devri said...

Thanks Pinapple Princess, Pretty sad that I am begining to know more Tongan than Eglish.. We truly live the Tongan culture over here, so sometimes I forget English,(not that I was good at it anyways)...


chantal said...

That is so funny. I read blogs in my garments every morning before I get the kids up. And once they go to bed too.
I dont usually decoreat for Halloween. For fall yes,but halloween,no. But this year I decided that I will since chris loves halloween. He steals the kids trick or treating candy every year. Bad boy.

Juli said...

I loved your randomness. It is perfect! I look forward to reading your blog everyday because I know there will be something new to make me laugh!!!

Mindi said...

that video just made me laughoutloud!! i'm hardcore. i can handle.

love that you are debt free AND holding out on halloween. my hubby would love me if i did that.

and the typing in garmets? priceless.

Cheryl Anne said...

love the video of your boys. priceless!

Jessie said...

Great random facts! Guess I need to put some up on my blog now. I'm so blogger challenged.. I need to get with it and keep mine more updated!

Crazymamaof6 said...

that video was hilarious! i totally hang out in my g's my kids call them my pajamas! hee hee

i out halloween up on the 2nd. yay me

Crazymamaof6 said...

i mean i put out my halloween. on the 2nd.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I rarely do tags...hope you'll forgive me...but I am sure you would rather have a comment anyway.

Guess what? I am sitting her in my underwear too!