Monday, September 29, 2008


No holds bar here............

You have to be honest!--- And you can't hold back Anything!!

Here is the game, since today is tell all Tuesday, I will tell you my deepest darkest secrets...

Ready, set, Go

1. Even though I am in the Biggest Loser game, I have never turned down a dessert.

2. I wonder why people don't comment on mine, and then comment on others.

3. I speed.

4. I eat my burgers.. jk- I eat hamburgers, and love them.

5. I once looked online and looked at a video of a lady breastfeeding a 7 year old..
(gross, I will never think of breastfeeding the same).

6. I get addicted to things very quickly. Not drugs, not alcohol, but blogs, photoshop, learning new things, and now addicted to bow making and rag making.

7. When I was in collage, I once had a contest to see how many kisses from different men I could get in 1 week. ( 12, by the way). ( and not proud of it..)

8. I am afraid of the dark, afraid of scary movies, and afraid of spiders.

9. I look at myself in the mirror, squeeze and hold my fat, to make me look thinner.

10. When I am bored, I eat.

11. I am a very jealous person. Hate it, but that is how I am.

12. I am nosey, I have to know everything.

13. I am not a good secret keeper. It kills me not to tell a soul, so I tell my husband everything and anything,(that doesn't count right?) He doesn't talk to anyone, and quite frankly, I don't think he cares. :)

14. I was a bike racer.

15. I love ho'osi (horse)

16. I cheated my way through high school. ( that is why I am not a bright one).

17. I was a Subway Manager, and when my Boyfriend would come in (my husband) I would give him, his family, the whole football players free food. ( I have repented).

18. I dream the same dream every 5 years or so, and have ever since I was able to remember it. It is about the moon, people living on the moon, they come down to my house and ask for cheese, go in and push me, take the cheese and get back on the moon, I kid you not, I am afraid of the moon, my son loves to go look at the moon, I show him and I get chills. My last one was last year, so in 4 more years I post about it again.

19. I hate people chewing in my face, chewing on ice..

20. I have a pre marriage baby. Again not proud but have repented.

21. I love my husband, and still dream about him.. :)

What is your dirty secrets?

This post is for Alice.. There you go, it's all out now...

On a side note, I want to thank my new friend Purple Diva's Diary for giving me away not one, not two but 3 awards, I only met her last week, and I even got an award that I am the first to get it.. Yep, a Diva for sure.....Thank you, Thank you... I love them

Yes, I am a groovy commenter!!

I just got this one too from Purple Diva's Diary, she is too much.

I always thought I deserved a gold medal. Now my life is complete..

3 awards in one day.. Wowzers!!!

23 coments:

Anonymous said...

daaang! we have SOOOOOO much in common!!!! like everything....

well...except the moon thing... but i have had a dream for the last 5 years or so. it is not about the moon & cheese, though.

and i swear like EVERYTHING was so much like me that you listed!!!


Vanessa said...

I like #7 the best. I think I did that too, but you have me beat.

Alice Wills Gold said...


Isn't it nice to get it all out of your system?

Now there is nothing to hide from....he he he

I was thinking that we were one in the same until I read the horse thing.

And then I thought, well, hey, I've never tried would I know if I like it?

I was a sucker for giving away free food too...Because I repented I will NEVER take anything free ever again to save people their own regret.'s my confession...kissed over 100, but the older I get the smaller the number is.

samiam said...

I love how you just put it out there girl! Where we are different is that I keep things close to me and have a hard time opening up to most people. Then there are other situations where I have diaria of the mouth!! CRAZY I TELL YOU!!

hoLLy said...

wow! i love how you laid it all out there. great post! i don't have any juicy secrets but i have some lame ones:

i pick my nose in the car more than i should.

i think i have pmdd.

i am addicted to blogging more than i think the average person is.

when i eat a cupcake, i am still tempted to eat the wrapper.

i didn't really kiss a guy until i was 18.(other than a peck. i was a loser.)

tammy said...

That was fun. I love finding out the good stuff. I worked at Dairy Queen in high school and would give my now hubby free food too. I really think that's why he married me.

Cheryl Anne said...

Devri, you need one more award, so here it is,


there you go. you earned it. :)

Mindi said...

i, too, had a list of all the boys i kissed in high school-written down in a notebook with ratings and EVERYTHING. was super proud of it then. not so much now.

could you please post the link of the 7 year old breastfeeding? ;O

cally said...

Okay, let's see, one time in highschool I didn't realize how lame my outfit was until 3rd period when I got a look in the full view mirror during a game of pass the hall pass, so I faked sick so I could go home and change. My mom was on to me. When I had on a new awesome hot top, and felt better.

she supported me. good mom.

Angie said...

Love this post!! You and I are so much alike! I am definitely in agreeance with many of your secrets such as commenters, secrets and jealousy! Great post!

I tagged you this morning, but you have probably nearly covered everything in this post, but I would still love you to play along! I'm sure there is more about you that we can learn!

Mrs. Morty said...

Uh, I think I saw that #5 video, freaky! I am SOOO afraid of the dark/scary movies/spiders

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entering my give-a-way!
Better yet, thanks for wanting to come out and say hi(see I had to post a give-a-way) to get you to come out of hiding! I am so-o glad that you did!

I will be back too, I am still trying to go through my entries and sneak some peeks into more lives. You know, inquiry minds want to know!

I want you to come back but not against your will-I welcome you!

Love the post, love it! Love the juicy 'deets'! ;)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I LOVE THIS! LOVE LOVE THIS! What a woman! And if I could give you another one today for this post, I WOULD! Something about laying it all on the line or airing your dirty laundry! LOL YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!

Tiburon said...


There are several things that we have in common on that list. More than I care to admit too ;)

chantal said...

oh, so many of those things are totally me. I never kept a list of those I kissed though. There would not have been many on there...I'm a jealous person,I cheated in high school,I eat when I am bored, I am terrified of the dark,which is hard because my hubby works at night and I am constantly getting up to look out the window to make sure there aren't any robbers out there( I am scared of robbers too). He makes fun of me for sleeping with a hammer under my side of the bed..well, hey, if someone breaks in and I am here alone with all the kids I need to defend us,right?? I know how to shoot a gun but I really think I would be freaking out too bad to go unlock the gun case,load the bullets and remember how to shoot and not miss the target.And I would likely miss the target(robber) because i would be SHAKING!!!! One grab and I have my trusty hammer.

Pineapple Princess said...

I like hosi too. shhhh.

Mother Goose said...

OK, Devri I know why I like you so much!

These are the numbers we relate on
3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,19, and 21.

17 was not subway but I worked at Mcdonald's and gave a ton of food away.
7 I was queen of the non committed make outs. I'm not proud but I'm not embarrassed either!
3. i speed too, I try not to with the cost of gas.
4. love the burgers
6. I have a very addicted personality.
11. i'm jealous too, i try to hide it.

Brittany said...

i gotta think about this for a sec... i'm pretty sure i've blocked out my deep secrets... but i'll get back with ya!

Family said...

some have darker secrets than others. We wear our happy face to church and try to be perfect... remember ladies .... we are not perfect.

rachel said...

wow, we really have a lot in common, except for I have a lot of repenting to do :) I try to never regret is all a learning and growing experience. thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Bad influence! Just kidding, I loved the honesty. You are real, love it! :)

Renee said...

Thanks, I'm going to have the cheese stealing moon creature dream now. Very disturbing!

Jessie said...

Love that post too! Again, I need to get with it and keep up with all these fun games and posts. I love that you are happy to share your deep secrets! I'll have to think of some good ones too and post them on my blog. You are too cute, Devri! So glad to know you and your sis.