Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!

This week I am thankful for-

Sisters- There is something that bonds sisterhood, whether it be your own sister or
a friend..

My Husband- Cold is coming- his job is starting to slow down, which in turn means I
get my husband back sooooon. He was home all day today, helped out
with sick kids, bathed, and dressed the boys, and even got to feed Kono
cereal tonight. I know at this time in our life we have to sacrifice a
lot of things, but I'd rather eat dirt, than make him work soo much!!!

330 days of the year- Kids have been very sick with headaches and stomach aches.
I am making it a rule in my house from now on, that- everyday,
you must lick each other, so everyone will be sick at the
same time, no more of this 2 weeks of sick, then you know
it will start all over. So I guess I am thank full they have
gotten better.

My membership in my church- I am lucky to be part of such a marvelous thing. How
lucky are we to know that with a bow of heads we can
get our questions answered, our thoughts in order,
and know that we can be together as a family for

Excersaucers- Who ever invented these puppies, needs a big kiss. My baby has been
wanting to see the world from a different angle for awhile now, and
has been fussy because of it... yeah!!! A happy baby, is a happy mom.

buses- Let me just start by saying that because we have a big family, and my
has two jobs, one one city away, and the other he is a contractor, ummmm
for the month August through September our gas bill was 1,475 alone..
I couldn't imagine what it would be if I had to drive around 4 different
times. OUCH.. ( PS, I told my husband to buy a moped and drive it to do his
bidding. I just got a dirty look). What just trying to help people, nuttin'
wrong with a big Tongan man, riding a tiny bike now is there? OK maybe just a
little bit..

That's all I got, I am thankful for alot more, but can't keep my eyes open, I'm headed for bed...

Oops, I almost forgot, shoutin' everyone out, OK not everyone,cuz there is a million
giveaways going on, here are some of my favs-

Over here my friend makes photos out of handmade beauties.. don't you want something for free from her, I do.. so don't enter this one.. OK do, but tell her you love me at least.

Angie from Leapin through life is giving away some magazines. You get to pick which one you want, go here to enter.

Mindi is giving away one scary ride, oops, I mean Halloween decor, and a Kohl's gift card.. enter here..

I know I am forgetting people, I will try to remember you and add it on tomorrow..

14 coments:

Angie said...

Thanks for the shoutout!!! Yeah!! Be sure to go to the ACTUAL giveaway post to let me know of your shout out. I think you put it on a different one. Put it on the real giveaway! The way I do my drawing won't count you as two!

Mindi said...

thanks for the love, lady--and i, for one, would LOVE to see a big tongan man on a tiny little moped......that would make my day!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K your family is gorgeous! I'm sure you get that ALL the time...but seriously!

It was nice to hear what you are thankful reminds me to do that more! :)

But I would LOVE to see a big tongan man riding a moped...that would be classic! :)

Cookie said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. You made my day!

And Wow! That is SOME gas bill! I don't know if you're a coupon shopper, but there is a great website that I go to, I save a lot of money by shopping for deals!

Diaper Diva said...

Just giggling thinking of that Tongan man of yours on his moped:):) Too funny, but that gas bill is NOT! I also love having a helpful husband home all day!

Misty said...

Maybe one of these days I will win. Great Thankful Thursday!

Cheryl Anne said...

Devri, you rock. that is all. :)

samiam said...

Glad the hubby is around more to help out.
Gas prices suck. You should get a moped but you are going to need a giant sidecar for all of the kids too!!!

Family said...

Thanks for the sister shout out on your thankful thursday

tammy said...

Love your list. And LOL at you saying you're gonna make your kids lick each other. Holy gas bill! Where can we start making donations to your gas fund?

Mother Goose said...

love your thankful posts!

Becky said...

Love to Dev

MiaKatia said...

Lick each other Devri, you crack me up!!!! Dang girl your gas bill is killing me. Good luck with the moped ;)

the mama hood said...

I loved your Thankful Thursday!

I feel ya with kids getting sick...I think I need to tell them to make each other sick too! lol!