Thursday, September 11, 2008

What you should know-

What do you get when you take a palangi mouth-

With Tongan teeth?

Isn't she cute:

PS. Isn't her hair cute, she is into punk styles lately!!!

She was quite embarrassed to have them, she didn't want people to notice her, so what is a little girl to do?

(Self Portrait- I found this when I uploaded, nice Aanya!!!!)

She asks for the brightest colored bands possible,, there ya go sis, now they won't notice at all..

Mom- Why did you get florescent green and orange,

Aanya- Green for the froggy love, and orange for Halloween, Why?

Ortho- She wants everyone to notice her.

Aanya- yea mom..

I'm confused!!

What have I been doing this week, nuttin honey... Just chillin out with all my sick kids, do you want to know what I did in my spare time?

I found a new love, sorry, were finished....

Ok maybe I suck at them, but hey, did you see how much we spend a month on gas, I have to save money somewhere!!!!!!

Were moving-----

We found this puppy( we call it a puppy, cuz did you see the size of that thing, I was deathly afraid, it was right by our garage entry to the house... Yep I'm moving!!!!!! That sucker was as big as tarantula... I'm outta here!!!!!

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Vanessa said...

Oh, it can't hurt you, just step on it! You are bigger than him. Of course, I'm bigger than a mouse and I wouldn't step on it. Never mind.

Kristie said...

Tell Aanya she's adorable.
Sometime I'll tell you the story of a trantula sleeping with me in bed... for a WEEK!

MiaKatia said...

I love how she is into "punk" but that is still the cutest hair style EVER!!! I wish I was girlie with my daughter and made her adorable bows.

Mindi said...


we've already paid for braces x three (me, katie, chandi) at roughly 4 grand a pop. yikes! and i have two more that will need 'em. sucks to be me.

get ready!

ps darling hair bows.

Diaper Diva said...

I worked for an Orthodontist for years and loved putting on those bright colors and talking kids into cool things for holidays.I think they secretly love the attention. I love the bows and when I see how fun they can be I am almost talked into making my own. UMMMM,I would move tooo!:)

Angie said...

Darling, darling daughter! Love the braces!

Cute as heck bows!

WTF? Are you joking on the flippin spider? I truly thought you had bought it at Michaels for Halloween decor!!! Come on, it's real?

Eric and Brianne Rushton said...

I remember doing that with my braces. I got colors for the holiday of the month! And your hair accessories look great!

samiam said...

Too cute that Aanya! Those bows are neat, you should sell them or something. I need a girl someday so that I can be crafty like you! =)

Brittany said...

hey girl! first, the teeth thing is crackin me up. second, if i saw that spider i would RUN RUN RUN and never come back!! holy cow! for real?? i would really die. totally. and third, i LOVE the stuff you've put on MMM- i feel like i know you so much better now! i just wanted to say your stuff is awesome-

Fitzwater Family said...

Crap, Run away, Run away!!!! That is a freaky monster. You are welcome to blog me anytime. Im not private, cant imagine why my blog didnt work. And thanks, I created my layout myself. I LUV it.

tammy said...

Holy Spider! That's even too big to vacuum up or flush down the potty. I would freak!

Cute hairbows!

Mother Goose said...

EEK on the spider! OH heck no!! I would be seriously afraid!

Hey, have you seen my teeth! they are perfect and white, too! No braces ever. But, yes i have heard many polys teeth described as third world.

the mama hood said...


Your girl looks so cute with her braces! Oh yeah I did find the recipe for the 'ota and it was "just for you!" ...cuz we don't eat that!

Hello woman you are so talented! You got skillz! I love the hair accesories!

rachel said...

way cute hair bows...with your girls' hair you could be spending a fortune on hair do dads, way to make em yourself. I am wanting to move just seeing YOUR spider! Eee gads, I HATE spiders...I would have flipped out see that one!

Sue and Mark said...

Look at you go girl...

Love the bows..How cute are they?

Yeeks!!! seriously that is one ugly terrifying spider.

Tell Aanya making a statement is a good thing, expecially when you are as cute as she is..

hoLLy said...

aanya is so cute! she rocks those braces:) and wow, you are good at the bowmaking skillz, i'm learning how to make bows this coming week at RS super saturday. i'm totally excited!

and holy heck that spider is freaky.

chantal said...

ok, that spider is nasty. And the hairbows are super cute. you could totally sell those hairbows on etsy. I make hairbows too,it's a great hobby!

Suzanne said...

First things first... I'd get a mouse-trap for that spider! That thing is HUGE!

Now for the important stuff. Your daughter is beautiful. Her smile is adorable -- with or without braces and her hair gorgeous. You are the "bow queen!" Those are awesome!

LdybugSammi said...

You're braver than me, I wouldnt have even stuck around to take a picture!!!

Cheryl Anne said...

Aanya's luck is rubbing off on you, you won my pay it forward! :) Now maybe you'll share some of those beautiful bows you've been making. LOL!

Becky said...

Okay, I read people's blogs, frequently when I'm nursing, but everytime I try to do the "one-handed type", I completely distract young one and she has a face full of milk. So I'm sorry that I don't frequently comment, but I promise I keep up. Your daughter is just a freakin doll. :)

Jessie said...

Holy crap.. that spider is huge. I'm not afraid of spiders or bugs, but that one would probably make my heart skip a beat. Sheesh! Love the hair do and the bows. I need to learn how to make those! So darn adorable. Your Aanya is so cute! Love the multi-colored braces. That's what I'd go with too. Very nice.

Family said...

My sweet Aanya is so rad. Yes, I said rad. As far are the bows knock it off. You are already a super mom now you are even superer... is that a word?

Tiburon said...

Those hair bows are fab. And yet still none of them are bigger than that SPIDER!!!!
Where the heck do you live? I thought we were in the same state but there is no way I could live in a state with spiders that big!!

Misty said...

She's so cute. FYI - Let her know that yellow is not the greatest color for bands because they make your teeth look yellow. Great job on the bows.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Ah man...too many things to comment on in one post.

Love the braces...she's so cute.

Love the hair. Love the bows...I am way too lazy to keep up with bows...we are all about headbands at our house.

And, HOLY COW that is a scary spider. Didn't you pray for a new pet?

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Holy Mother of Spiders Batman! LOL
Sorry, had to say that!
I had one of those in the shower once when I lived in AZ. Let's just say, I could NOT get out of the shower FAST ENOUGH! That thing is a PUPPY!
And the hair bows. Darling!
Your daughter, PRECIOUS! She looks cute with her braces!