Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Childs Strength

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We went to McDonald's the other day to celebrate Kindergarten, we got our food, sat down, I handed out all the Happy Meals, and said, "before you play, you must eat".. My 4 year old precious child then turned and gave me a look in disgust. "mom, mm mm". I was confused, what did I say that would make a four year old girl give the look? She simply then replied, "mom, what is more important than eating? I had know idea where this was headed, i was silent, "MOM, you know", I then replied "I do?"

Yes Mom, The Prayer.

We say our prayers very frequently at our house, but in public, I have to admit, we don't openly say a prayer. Why?

I really don't know, there really is no excuse, just lazy I suppose.

We said prayer that day, at McDonald's, in the open.

How did I feel?

Nothing, no embarrassment, no regrets, only love and happiness.

Why not show the whole world that we love our savior, have faith in our Father in Heaven.

Prayer is a amazing thing, Think about it, there are billions of people on this earth, there is probably other people on different planets.. But there is only one God, and he loves each and everyone of us, he is there for us, if we bow our heads and talk to him with a sincere heart, ask him things, he will answer, I'd bet my life on it.

Haven't read the Book of Mormon yet?

I challenge you if you are struggling, stop, read the book of Mormon. Then with the most humble prayer, ask if this book is true..

You WILL get an answer, I have asked, I know with out a shadow of a doubt, that this church is true, the book of Mormon is true, and that prayer is the only way to communicate with your father in Heaven, now find out for yourself.

I am thankful that still to this day, me and my family are still gaining a testimony of this church, I am thankful that I have taught my children young to turn to their father in need and thanks...

So, we will be going out to dinner tonight, and yes, we will try to pray before we eat!!!

I will be starting this, HOW ABOUT YOU?

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the mama hood said...

Kids are so in tune! Thanks for the reminder we don't always do this in public but we sure will now! This is yet another lovely post!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Hi, I clicked over from Mother Goose's blog. Very thought provoking post. I've never thought about saying prayers in public. No reason just didn't ever occur to me. But children can teach jaded adults a lot, can't they? I'm certainly giving it more thought after reading this post. You've taught your kids well.