Monday, September 1, 2008

Tuesday Tell All-

As you know Sunday is Spiritual Day-
Monday is Memories Day-
Tuesday is Tell all Day-
Wednesday is Wordless Wednesday-
Thursday is Thankful Thursday-
Friday is Fun Day-
Saturday is my Day off ;)

If you haven't read older posts this week I have gave my blog a bath, dressed it, and organized it. Please feel free to play along any day or all the days, take what photos you want just don't call them your own, that is plagiarism..jk- scared ya didn't I..

This day will be any news that I have going on in our lives. Whether is be mine, or someone in the family, or a friend, and yes maybe even an enemy..Bwaa Haa haa!!

This Tuesday I don't have much to tell, so I thought everyone is going around giving awards, I want to join in on the fun..

So for my Tuesday tell all- I want to tell you all thanks for all your nice comments, your hilarious comments, and thankfully not any rude comments YET.

People are so nice to leave me comments, a lot of them are regulars, and some not so regular.. I am OK with the not so regular, I love that you even come visit my blog, so if your not a regular commenter, it's OK, keep a comin'. Shuuucks- I don't mind..

But I wanted to give a prize to those who regularity leave comments on my blog..

Here is the rule..
Take the award, post it on your blog for all to see.. You all deserve it.

Who gets it?

Everyone who sees this post..

Here's the catch-

If you take it, please pass it on to whom you ever feel deserves it.. Maybe one or maybe all that part is up to you...

Have fun with it, and enjoy the award..

Thank you to all my commenter's.. Yippee :)

How to post this award... come on guys it's as easy as 1,2,3,

1. go to your "add a gadget" in your layout tab.

2. click on "third party Html/Java"

3. paste this code:

14 coments:

Mindi said...

comment comment bo bomment

you are welcome--it's all love in the blogsphere!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH loving your new blog look! FABULOUS!

I'm sorry I'm not a better commenter. I've been so lame lately!
i have been reading, just not making it over to comment. and i hate that so i'm sorry. and DO FEEL HUGE GUILT about it.

i'm tempted to take my comments off, so then people can read but don't comment, then i won't feel so bad when am lame and don't have time.

cute award! i'm taking it even though i'm lame, just cuz it's cute and i could totally give a ton of those away.

thanks for all of your awesome comments! i'm so glad you found me and come comment often. i love them!

Pineapple Princess said...

I love your blog. She is so pretty and clean. Her hair looks awesome too.

I'm too dumb to mess around with my blog. I think it will stay just how is forever. I am lucky to post these days. But I love the gadget. Did you make it?

I am curious about your twin comment. If you get a chance, email me and tell me about it. My email is on the side bar. Thanks for the bday wishes.

Sue and Mark said...

Devri...I love you. We are blogging "sisters"..I love your blog and I love your comments..I know that the award you meant only for me was given out to a few others...j.k.

Heck yes! I posted it on my site..

Later on I'll have to give it away to some of my buddies..Thanks.

Mother Goose said...

thank you thank you for my lovely award. I have already added it to my award page and I also added it to the front of my blog page to sit and have people covet for a few days. LOL
I am passing this lovely out to my faithful commenters!

chantal said...

I circle yes!! LOL ..Your family is totally cute. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm always looking for new blog friends!!

Suzanne said...

It's easy to make comments on your blog! You are a great writer and you always make me laugh out loud! Thanks for the "thanks," but it's really a pleasure! ;o)

Alice Wills Gold said...

I gave up on posting my awards a long time know because I got SOOOO many :) he he

But, I know this one was meant for me!!! So, thanks.

And thanks to you for being one of my most loyal commenters.

Lovin the new look.

Alice Wills Gold said...

And I came back a second time because I forgot to tell you that your loyal readers are expecting way more dish on a tell all better come up with something better for next week.

Although, this prize may be hard to top....I want some good old Devri gossip. C'mon...spill the beans....and give me another award for commenting twice :)

Angie said...

I love reading your blog every day!! It is so fun!

samiam said...

My work computer won't let me see the award... =(
You rock and I love reading your blog. Love the new picture too!! Those kids are beauties I tell you! Keep it coming sista!

Kristie said...

Alright, I'm confused. I tried to get the 'award' on my blog and have no idea what I'm doing. I feel 'old' and 'unhip' with these things sometimes!

the mama hood said...

thanks Devri!! How nice!! Love it! Thanks for all the comments on my blog too!

The Scotts said...

Thanks so much! Comments are what keps us bloggers going huh? We just want to know that people care! Well thanks for the award. I put it on my messes and mudpies.