Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday Tell All-

OK, I am very tired and just made a typing mistake already and don't have the energy to fix it...

So I will tell you all that I will be back commenting 100% by next week, I know I keep saying that my website will be up, and up and then up again, but I am a perfectionist, and have to have it just right, and to tell you the truth at this point I would have rather paid 800 for someone to do it for me.....

Now, mind is blank, so I will just tell some funnies that happened today...

Me- Keilani, how old are you again?

Keilani- 9

Me- Man, I keep thinking your still 8.

Keilani- Hmmm

Me- Maybe it's cuz you still act like you are eight!!1

Keilani- MOM- (chuckling)- It's because I haven't reach my full potential yet!!!

Mom- Yea must be.. (lol)


Kataina- Mom, I haven't seen you drink milk in a long time.

Mom- BURP!! excuse me..

Katalina- Is it that you are black toes intolerant?

Mom- What?

Katalina- ya know black toes intolerant!!

Mom- Defiantly not that!!!!!


This was happening as I had already put the children to bed, Elaiasi gets to watch "cars" while I work on the computer.

I hear this.

ee-a (Aanya)

Aanya- What Elaiasi?

Need a drink, ha'u.. (come)

They both came up and got a drink..

Elaiasi- ee-a, hurry, run to bed Mamma comin'


(And I thought my kids were angels)

There are some giveaways going on, if I get so my brain is thinkin' straight, I will add them in the morning...

See ya later Alligator,

9 coments:

Mother Goose said...

oh yeah, i am definitely black toes intolerant too! ::looks suspiciously around:: hurry mama comin'

Crazymamaof6 said...

so cute! love the black toes intolerant comment. and love it when they know the run down. better not get caught!

so cute. i know the commenting thing, is hard to keep up with. seems like everyone is struggling.

Tiburon said...

Kids crack me up!

Cheryl Anne said...

Love the things kids come up with. :) Thanks so much for sharing. I needed a little smile to start this day.

Angie said...

Isn't is sad when we finally realize that our kids really ARe NOt perfect? Such a sad sad day!

Family said...

My kids say the darndest things too. :)

tammy said...

Black toes intolerant - totally cracked me up!!

Renee said...

So funny!

Don't feel bad about the blogging! I think I've run out of stuff to talk about/ don't have the energy to care! But, I do love reading other people's.

Misty said...

I love to hear what kids will say, how they say it and what they will think of! This is ever so adorable. My nephew's b-day is in October and he asked his mom one day (when he was little) why his b-day was Knocked-Over, instead of In-October!