Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spiritual Tag

I have been so busy lately, I haven't done tags for people in awhile, but this one I couldn't resist.
My good cyber friend Sue has done a wonderful job creating this for us, soooooo---

1. What is your Fav. Temple and why?-----
Tongan Temple..
People really don't realize what a great blessing it is to be in America to have a temple all around us. I realize that some people have to drive for hours to go there, but in Tonga, it's not only about getting on a boat, it's money, it's time, and distance, I would love to go there and here peoples stories.

2. My favorite calling that I've had in the church--
Ok, my favorite is President of Young Women. But I am Nursery Leader right now, and it is coming in a close second.

3. What has been your hardest calling in the church---
Nursery Leader- I know I just contradicted myself, but I did not want this calling. I accepted this calling, then prayed, and my attitude changed.. Yes, it is hard, we have about 13 kids in their who are 2-to 1 1/2.
I sometimes have a hard time, the fact that I don't get any adult time, or spiritual-ness when I go to church, but really I do. I get the blessings, I get taught by the little ones.

4.Favorite scripture story--
Hands down the Stripling Warriors, I like them all but I lovey myself that one.

5. Where would you like to serve a mission?--
Ok any guesses? Tonga..
I think I am about only the 2% of this country who is a woman, who is almost fluent in the Tongan Language, Keo tahine poto 'a Devri he lea fakatonga. ;0) I would love to go and serve my lord in this island to really come to know them and help them.

6. When did you know the Gospel was true?--
I always knew, but I started to care the day after we got married. We woke up, read scriptures, and went to church. I knew then that I wanted to change my life, for my husband and my family, and most important for the Lord.

.7.Who has been a spiritual giant in your life?--
My Mother.
She is such a strong woman in the church, she basically has raised us by herself, and all the things she has endured, she is still very active, very spiritual, very strong, and very pretty. Yes, I added that because i wanted you to all know.....

This tag is passed on to everyone.
Everyone who comes to my blog, everyone who has seen this,
I encourage to stand up and show everyone this tag... It's a good one,

Now go getter done....

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Renee said...


Jan said...

This is a great tag Devri. I want to do this one for sure. I love the Tongans too. I had friends at Ricks College. I told you how protected I felt around them. Such strength.

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I am so happy I have never had a nursery calling. I don't know if my husband would actually accept it.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog.

DV- Rebecca L. said...

I love this post- I will try it out when I can. I just got released from Nursery (my hubby and I)I was so sad to be let go- we are still in there with our two little ones, but it doesn't feel the same :( We loved it!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

his was too awesome.
I did not know you are a nursery leader. I am as well. I've been in since Mar of this year. My DH helps me even though he is not called to the calling. That's awesome, huh?
How cool you speak Tonga too. That's so neat!

in time out said...

I found you and loved this tag. I am not really sure how it will go on mine but I am going to try it out. I love that you tagged everyone. cool.

in time out said...

Thank you. I am working on it. These questions are so emotionally intense for me. I hope it is okay that I have credited you with much of the Tag on my blog. Let me know if I have taken anything you dont want me to pass along. Thanks.


I know I would have a hard time with a nursey calling because I need the time to refresh and relaod. I love that you have such a great attitude. I have 4 kids in nursery and well that says it all.Great tag!


P.S I would love to have you in my village!!!

Renee said...

Oh my gosh, if you came to visit, we would so meet up! There would have to be some kind of Tennessee blog reunion.

ps. Your sister is the best ballet teacher ever! (from Grace)


awesome tag! :) finally a Spiritual tag!! ♥


p.s. i loved being in the Nursery too

Sue and Mark said...

Why am I not surprised to hear you are nursery leader? I luv that you were honest in saying you didn't really want it in the beginning..But after prayer your heart changed..Isn't that the way it is with most callings..I'll bet you were an awesome Young Woman Pres.!!

Thanx for doing this...I loved reading about you...