Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tell All Tuesday...

Now that I have made a complete #$@ out of myself from yesterdays post, I am beggin you all to come back, I am not that disgusting, OK maybe I am, but I won't do it to you all anymore.. Scratch that- cuz I probably will.

I straight kiped this from Tanja, I heart her and I heart this idea, so here we go....

1.Maybe when I was in Jr. high I liked a white guy... ( I washed my mouth out with soap for it)

2. I have never or would never tell my children if they go into the road, that they will surely die, with arms and legs cut off, hair cut off, and I would never instill it it their little brains.

3. I did not tell my 4 year old if she didn't stop being naughty, that I would send her to Tonga..

4. I did not or would never sneak food into a movie theatre... Nope, Never....

5. I did not say that if Obamamamama won, that you better darn well get out your food supply.

6. I did not evah say that my kids are the mostest beautiful kids on this earth.. ( I am biased)

7. I nevah drink from the jug.

8. I nevah try to win your love.

8. I nevah said that I want to go private, I did not about just do it last night....

9. I did clean my house yesterday. all day, all night. (askbackwards)

10. I nevah evah in my life, fed my kids Hot Cocoa and bread for breakfast, I would nevah, I am a great mom!!!!!

11. I did not ignore my cell phone yesterday, I did not let it ring just to hear the ring (music), and then call people back., I would nevah do that, I am not 10 years old. Nope not me.


Did you vote?

Are you going to vote?

My husband can't vote he is not a citizen of the United States, but he still knows who is the right candidate.

If you are not going to vote?

Don't bote!!!!!!

If you don't know if you can? look down at my last post and go find out..

Use your voice,

Use your powah!!!!


There are some sweet giveaways going on-

Go check the giveaway tab at the top to find out whether or not you can win some of this or not.

Look what I won, who said bloggin' was a waste of time?

I won this from the oh so Diva herself.

I won this Scentsy Warmer and a scentsy bar from this hot babe!!!

Thanks guys!!!!

(and no that is not a alcohol bottle, that is xango, haven't tried it? go do so, your life will change, you will have energy, and health..

look at me advertizing for xango, I should get some money for that right?

14 coments:

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

OH, I think I get it now! WITCHY POO showed up!
Thanks for the shout out!
You list of things you never do cracks me up! I LOVE IT!

devri said...


funny you said witch poo, that was my nickname growing up..

Don't know why???

Supercool Hotmama said...

I never mop without sweeping first, never hide crap in my bedroom when company is coming, never say a swear word in front of my kids, never leave my house a mess and go do something fun, and I've never told a lie on my blog. LOL!

gigi said...

So that is why you didn't answer when I called yesterday?? That is a very cute post! Glad I voted early and used my voice!

Kristina P. said...

And how have I never been to YOUR blog before!?!?! You have quite the cult following there.

And your hair blog is amazing. I can't even French Braid.

On to my Reader you go!

Cheryl Anne said...

Dev, you're hilarious, keep the posts coming. :)

tammy said...

Lovin' the list. I forgot all about Tell all Tues. today. I just want to tell all to get her done and vote for the Maverick.

Kristie said...

Totally voted!!
I never order pizza instead of make dinner.

Angie said...

Great blog Devri! I loved the poop story, so don't worry about it!

HILLARY said...

I am totally not like you at ALL. I have NEVER ever done any of those things!

Jan said...

Cute cute. If Obama wins, you might wish that was an alchohol bottle. :)

Vanessa said...

And why would you go private?

Misty said...

Great tell all and wow, you are one lucky woman. Thanks for the props!

Anonymous said...

Love the list, you're a superstah!