Thursday, February 5, 2009

We have a Liar in our house!

Liah Liah pants on Fiah!!!!!

Get this...

As our kids get older, their names change nicknames change.

Aanya hasn't really changed, it went from Baby to Aanya.

or chicken mouth, but that is a long story.

Keilani went from baby, to Lani to Nani. She is Naners or Nani now.

Katalina was baby to lina, to nina.

Lavinia went from baby to nia, to Lavi (lovey)

Leila went from baby to Leila, to monkey.. jk gorgeous

Now those are normal nicknames right?

Get this.....

Elaiasi went from baby, to Eli, to Elias,

NOw Maka has been calling him Liah!!!!

What!? Ha'u (come) Liah!!

Mohekonokono went from baby, to kono,

Now Maka has been calling him NO NO..

Can you just imagine when this ham turns 2.

No NO, NONO... It will never work..

Yep, NONO Liah!!!!

Can you imagine the fun we are going to have when they start growing up!!!

Fun times.

Why am I telling you.. Cuz I can't break that Teddy Bears Heart and tell him that it won't work..

I will just blame him for it all.. a lot later!!
And I know he will see this post, but by then I might have the guts up to say something..
Your right, probably not..
ON a side note,

Hello, is anybody out there in my monitor? Where is everyone in the blog world lately? Did I scare you away?

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The Alaska Coyles said...

Some of us are still here. I love reading your blogs, even though I don't comment on them much. You bring laughter into my life. My little girl is Eilish and we call her Missy Moose, well SHE decided she wanted to change her nickname to Ruby Rainbow...ok what gives? You can call yourself that, but I won't...she will always be a Missy Moose to me. And tell you "teady bear", NONO does not work and a lot of us on the otherside of the monitor feel that way. HAVE FUN!!

gigi said...

It's so funny how names in the family sometimes stick and even those out side the family call them that forever.
Right now the youngest calls the oldest Bella when her name is Shelby. Now everyone on that side of the family calls her that. I for one hope it doesn't stick but who knows? Your pictures of the kids are beautiful.

Family said...

Liah and NoNo sitting in a tree... H I T T I N G...

First one says MA!
Then MA says PA!
PA comes running saying "NO NO! LIAH!

hehehe that is funny.

I have
LALA and Nitro

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I am cracking up! You know what tho' I love those nicknames... Liah and Nono! In Hawaii that's normal nicknames! Shoot we call our babies ugly if their beautiful [for superstitious reasons].

Mrs. Morty said...

Good Grief how did your baby get so big already!? Wasn't he just born like two months ago or something. I swear they get to big to fast. We have some crazy nicknames around here too, something about daddies and making up crazy stuff.

Kerri said...

Taht's too funny. maka would understand wouldn't he? LOL

Rachel said...

Love this post!!! And your girls have the most amazing, gorgeous hair ever! I love that your hubby is putting a ponytail in one of your daughter's hair in that picture. My husband would have NO IDEA how to do that! :)

Melissa P said...

I love your posts. I haven't been among the living for a couple days after my tests. Is your croup kid feeling better? I love how genuine you are. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

Lorie said...

That is cute! No No NoNo works! It is actually pretty fun to say!

::Jan:: said...

No no no...

We are here, I think everyone might be slowing down a bit. It does get overwhelming.

Renee said...

Your kids are so beautiful!

Kristina P. said...

I'm still here! And your kids are adorable!

Tara D said...

Your kids are so cute! And I think Nono is cute, but yeah, it may not work. lol And Liah, love that one too. :)

Pineapple Princess said...

If the commentors aren't here, or at my blog or at Ross (empty spooky store last night) then where are they? Stuck in their busy lives I suppose. I admit I am reading and running alot. Still enjoying without leaving the love. Sorry.

No matter what your kids nicknames are, they certainly are gorgeous!

Bee and Rose said...

Hi! Thanks for following me! I love this post! (and your bloggy too!) We are huge on nicknames at our house! My daugher is "lovie" too! My husband is such a nicknamer that he even nicknames our cars! lol! I've been Minnie for years now!


Kaci said...

I'm here, I'm here! :)

Elly is all sorts of names...El, La La, Monkey, PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO ME! LOL! The later is the most common one. HA!

The Mom said...

I am always here. Just sometimes I only have time to read, not comment.

My kids don't have nicknames. I didn't either. I have never been a fan of nicknames. I gave them the name that I want to call them.

McEwens said...

Looks like people are still reading, here is what I note Fridays are SLOW blog days.As well as the weekend

Erin said...

My kids don't have nicknames. I'm tempted to start calling them something different because these names are so cute!! Well, most of them. Like you said, Liah might be a little questionable :)

Valorie said...

Dev, you crack me up girl! Do your children even know their real names? Funny thing is your kids are gorgeous and the nick names seem to mostly fit. What a beautiful family you have. I pray that things turn around for you soon. I am so tired of the sickies. We are on our second round of strep in two months (third since Thanksgiving) and I only have two left at home.

Love you Dev and thanks for bringing joy to so many people!

hoLLy said...

right now our name for cali is crazy baby. because she has just been crazy lately. we are so creative over here! :)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I'm here!
You kids are ADORABLE no matter what ya call them!

Krissy said...

lol ... That's funny. NONO and Liah. HAHAHAHA... good times.. good times. You didn't scare me away... you saw on my blog what's been happening at my house lately. I've been so sick I haven't wanted to do anything on the computer other than rot my brain away with ridiculous games. lol

Misty said...

I love the nicknames. We have about twenty for Tristan - I guess that's why kids have mistaken identities sometimes. :)