Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!!

I will be having 13 children in my home today, all 11 and under.. Wish me luck...

My 2 year old cut, yes I said cut my Leila's hair this morning.. Just lovely.. it is on the top, only a little chunk, I spanked his bottom... yes, I said it, I spanked my son!!!!

I was gardening yesterday and chopped off my foot with the shovel...
Not really, but I did slam the shovel on the top part of my foot, it might be hurting and swollen!

My baby thinks it is fun to gag himself till he throws up!! Lovely!!

Not mentioning names, but someone not in my family, didn't know what what weeds or flowers in my garden, and pulled a million greens and flowers out!! Not a happy camper!!!!

Why couldn't my son cut his own hair.. His hair needs to go, not my girls.... ugh!!!!

Leila is crying.. what do I tell her? I don't know what to say, cuz

I am crying too!!!!
Now, getting off to go make it a better day!!!!