Tuesday, September 29, 2009

highjacked Post #3 I need a Name, please!

I want to be a gymnast when I grow up. I already am. But I want to take it to college on a full scholarship program. My grades are excellent, and I am a great gymnast.

My family is not rich, my dad works two jobs so that my mom can stay home with us. It is hard on my family to pay for gymnastics and it is not cheap, i think they pay almost 200 a month, and we just got our yearly fees due again, the paper said i think 200 for equipment, 80 for insurance, and 50 for something.

I have been lucky, while my dads work is slow, I have got to get scholarship to pay for class, but

I have certain meets that I have to go to in order to move up to the next level, and the next, and the next. But the problem is that they are pricey.
I am working on a website of my own so that I can help pay for my dream.

Well, actually my mom is helping me get something started. We will be selling a lot of stuff. Hair accessory's, tutus, and my mom is throwing her ultrasound makeovers on their too. All the money will go to pay for my gymnastics meets. (if you don't know what her ultrasound makeovers are scroll down till you see them. thier cute)

I feel like I need to help out. I know how to make tutu's, and hair stuff, and my mom will help too.

Only problem is we don't know what to call the website? Any ideas.. It will be based on the little ultrasound make overs.. my mom says she has not a clue what to call it..

this is where you can help.. You can help name the website..

Mom's are the smartest people in the world, right?!

So please help out!

thank you

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Devri said...

Aanya you are a great girl, and your website will be a hit!

But I still don't know what to call it either..

way to take it to the bloggers to help out with a name.. you smart girl you!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay...you ready for this... Extreme Ultrasound Makeover n' more!

I did gymnastics! I loved it! Good goals girl! I hope the best 4 ya! :)

Family said...

AIMING FOR THE MOON! and if I fall off, I will still be a STAR!

the mama hood said...

Got it!

How about:

UltraTutuHairClippySoundPhotoFun! lol!

I am having a major brain fart!

I will have to think about this one...


OOOOH Good question! Sometimes I'm quick witted today, not so much.... You are one talented girl though and I am sure the perfect name will come to you

chantal said...

I like the first suggestion-Extreme Ultrasound Makeover n' more! And when your website is up, I will buy something, I promise!!!

Kristie said...

How about "Flipping awesome"?

M-Cat said...

I have no more wit left in me, but I like the Extreme Makeover idea..... good luck darlin!

DV-Becca said...

Dream Beautiful

Dream Ribbons

Dream Bows

Kerri said...

i already used up any ideas I might have on my website! But I'll think about it.

JamericanSpice said...

Ultrasound memory keepers?

Your mom is so talented and so are you and somehow a way will work out to get you there.

gigi said...

I really liked Shelle-BlokThoughts!!