Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday!!

I have so much to be thankful today, I couldn't pass jotting them down.

1. I am thankful for the health and strength my little family has. Baby is 100% recovered, no long term affects!

2. I have been pregnant 3 times this year alone. But unfortunately, no babies. My last miscarriage was on Sunday, and yes, I know I'd be OK with out another child, it was hard this time around, I was frustrated and confused.

But, I am thankful for family and friends who have helped me understand, and I thank my Father in Heaven, for the Answer I needed. I am not a person who is trying win a contest with the # of children, I just know without a shadow of a doubt that their is another member of our family trying to come down.

3. I am thankful for everyone praying about this court situation, our prayers have definatly been answered. thank you...

I know my bloggy world doesn't know about this, I apologize. It was just so hard on me for the past year, I couldn't share it, I wrote the post a hundred times, and erased it.

You see, to make a long story short...

Maka was through his business charged with trespassing and criminal mischief.. I will tell the whole story later, but it would have thrown him in jail for a year, and a huge fine. It happened over a year ago, he finally went to trial on this yesterday.

The judge stated the maximum sentence,which the judge said, a full year in jail and a 3,000 fine, I freaked out! But then the prosecutor stood up and said that we had made a plea deal.. that if they would drop the Criminal Mischief, that we would drop our counter sue, and we would pay the civil part..

he thought for a second, and said OK, I want to tell you the whole story, but it will have to be another day, we are currently involved in a appeal for the civil, so I will share the whole story when it is finished.

4. I am thankful for the trees changing their colors. I know that i despise the winter, but the colors that fill the earth are just beautiful.

5. (on a lighter side) I am thankful for little fun creepy spooky things are coming our way! ( thanks to who ever dropped off a box full of Halloween decorations) you sneaky thing you!

OK baby is yelling at my to get him out of his highchair, so I better end this lengthy post!

Kids, I know for a shadow of a doubt that their are blessings with EVERY trial which might come your way, you just have to look for them..

Go ahead find them,

And then thank your Father in Heaven for those blessings and name them one by one!

Ofa Atu!

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WOW! I have had my fare share of miscarriages and they are heartbreaking. You have amazing faith! You seem to barely get through one trial before another comes your way. Growing up it was that way for my parents and they always got up the next day with faith and patience and what an example that was for me!! They did what the spirit instructed. You seem to handle it how they did .You have some pretty blessed kiddos! Hope it all works out:)

CaryManda said...

I love your posts, have I ever mentioned that?
I was very "in the box" this morning, and you made me realize how much I have to be grateful for. AND that I SHOULD be grateful for it!!
thank you for continually helping me to strengthen my testimony.
even though i dont really know you and it may sound a little creepy.

Memmott Family said...

thank you sharing your stories with us. I am sorry you have had miscarriages. I have had two myself not this year, but two in my trying to get pregnant. HOpe things continue to look up. Thanks for sharing your stories with us

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I don't even know how you manage to remain so positive.

M-Cat said...

Wow - a full plate! Glad to see that things are winding down and perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

mother goose said...

such wonderful blessings and answers! Continued prayers for you and yours

hoLLy said...

so so sorry for yet another miscarriage devri:( you know i've had my fair share of them(4 out of 7 pregnancies for me) so i know the feeling. it doesn't get easier each time, it gets harder! its sad and frustrating. i'm so sorry you have had to go through it again and again. i'll pray that this little guy/gal get the opportunity to come down soon to your beautiful family! :) joey and i are still "working" on it but aren't meeting with success yet. joey doesn't mind the "working on it" part though-hahaha.

i too am glad things are looking up for you in so many other ways. you are always in my prayers girlfriend! glad the court case went well and i'm so glad your baby is doing better. love ya!

Tara D said...

Sorry for all of the negative things that have happened lately, but I'm so grateful that everything seems to be settling down and things falling into place.

Tamara and Marc said...

I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I just had a misscarriage in May and then thought I had another the beginning of this month. I am glad things are looking better for Maka. I pray that this will be the end of your trials for awhile and that you can have some peace. Take care of yourself and remember you are loved.

samiam said...

You are one of the strongest gals I know. I have had my share of fertility issues so I know the feeling. I also know that it makes you stronger and appreciate things more. It sucks to say but is true. There are reasons for everything. You will be there someday and it will be great!!
Your are a fighter and that's why I like you!

Erin said...

You have a lot on your plate right now. I'm so sorry for the miscarriages. I'm impressed that you seem to be holding up so well.

Kerri said...

That was great that you opened up and shared that Devri. I'm very sorry abou tthe miscarriages. I only knew about 1 of them. And I hope things will work out with Maka. He is a good man and I know things have been thrown out of proportion. I hope things work out with him and he won't have to go to jail.

gigi said...

I knew your plate was full and over flowing but I didn't know it over flowed on to the table and floor!! Sending good thoughts and many prayers! You are such an example of stregnth.

mama cow said...

That does it I am getting out my halloween stuff! Praying for you and your family. Thanks for being my bloggy friend, I am sure it was not on accident that we met! Luv ya!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You are an amazeing gal..

The part I like the best about you and your blog is that you make me smile and giggel everytime I read despite the troubels that are in your life you stay postive and have a great out look.

Thank you for being who you are..
My prayers are with your family..

Karyn said...

I love you Devri... you prove over and over, again, that life is what me make are my hero!

Hugs sweet friend :)

Paige and family said...

You are amazing. My husband and I are trying for our first. We are in our sixth month. I just found out that three of my close friends are pregnant. One wasn't even trying and the others were pregnant the next month. Me and my husband don't even talk about it anymore because it makes me want to cry and then he feels maybe it's him. I have a hard time talking to my friends beacuse all of them have had easy pregnancies. I wish you luck with everything.