Friday, September 25, 2009

Random photo... Love it... This is a real apple, not (photoshopped)

Soccer games are winding down. A couple of days ago lavi came to me and said...

Lavi- Mom, if I score a goal today, will you give me a dollar?

Me- Sure!

Lavi's smile was as wide as the ocean...

Lavi- Good, cuz I had a dream last night that I was playing soccer, and I scored, and EVERYONE cheered for me!

Lavi- Mom, get your dollar ready!

Me- ok, (snickering)

Guess what she SCORED!!!!

We were sitting on the other end of the goal post, when she scored, she ran with the team, didn't stop to get ready for the next play, but kept running and running until she was off the field and jumped in daddy's arms..

Lavi- Dad, did you see that? (as the game is waiting for her) lol

Dad- You did great job sis.

Lavi-My dream came true! (with a smirk on her face) and mom, get your dollar ready!

Can you think of any better way to get a first goal evah?

Me either...

We were at Walmart yesterday, the children wanted to go into the Halloween section of the store, when we got to that part of the store, the kids (i only had the 3 little ones with me at the time) got excited, and baby started crying. (lol)

Then all of the sudden Elaiasi started yelling...

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom

Me- Whhaat Elaiasi?

(We were walking where their was on display a life size skeleton dressed up in clothes, and a pretty scary ghost dressed up.)

Elaiasi- (Yelling at the top of his lungs) Mom, There's the Holy Ghost!

Me- Yeah, I don't think that what he looks like, but ok...


Me and Maka were in our room the other day, he was getting ready for court, he came out of the room putting on his shirt.....

Maka- How are you washing our clothes?

Me- Excuse me?

Maka- Are you washing them in hot water?

Me- No..

Maka- Yeah you must be. All of my clothes are shrinking!

Me- (laughing) umm, it isn't the dryer making your clothes shrink!

Maka- What are you saying? I am getting fat?

Me- On the other hand, my clothes are getting tight too! umm, yeah, the dryer is shrinking our clothes..

I am sticking to the story!

Just saying....

Next week, my blog is being high jacked.. My oldest has asked and asked if she can make her blog un-private, cuz she doesn't like to wright in it, cuz no one looks at it..

lol I have no idea where she gets her "show off" side. lol

So Starting Sunday, I am letting her take over my blog for one week. She will keep the themes, Spiritual Sunday, Monday Memory, Tuesday tell all, Wordless Wed (or almost), and Thankful Thursday, and Friday fun.

I think it will be good for her, and It will let you into her life a bit (eyes through a 11 year old should be fun)

I can't wait!

So please don't un-follow me, stick around, and learn about her little spirit...

And if you aren't in a hurry, leave her a comment..


I will take back over the next week,

So don't go anywhere...

Can't wait till Sunday!

Can you?

14 coments:

rachel said...

The Holy Ghost story is priceless!!

Stacie said...

what a cool idea to let one of the girls take over your blog! im excited to see what she puts on it. Cool stories too about the kids& yay for Lavi for making a goal! NICE! soo exciting. And YES the dryer does shrink/eat your clothes. Where do you think that ball of fuzz comes from that has to be cleared out after every load of laundry? Yep! its eating your clothes!

melody said...

Gotta LOVE soccer, love the Holy Ghost story too cute. Oh my dryer does the same thing to my clothes ha ha ha (if only)

Devri said...

lol I just spelled write, like this... wright... as in "not the wright way to spell it" lol I am too lazy to change it, so only those who comment will actually know that I do know how to spell (some words) lol

have a great day!

gigi said...

Sounds as if there are fun good times ahead. We will suport her and you :)
That's the cutest soccor story. Made my face smile all over.
Happy weekend!

Tara D said...

Okay, this post cracked me up- the Halloween section of the store, the "shrinking" clothes, loved it. Good job Lavi on your goal!!! And I can't wait to see what your little one blogs about. :)

hoLLy said...

funny stories!! i can't wait to read your daughters stuff next week-what a fun idea! and what a sweet mama she has:)

ho yeah, and go lavi!! congrats on your first goal evah!

M-Cat said...

Yay for the first goal!

And very cool idea to let her take over the blog for a week. Can't wait to see what she has to say

Kerri said...

Love the idea of her taking over the blog. I will definitely read!

Sue said...

The holy Ghost is the best..See what teaching our kids the gospel does?

way to go giving your daughter permission to write on the blog..I bet she loves it. Can't wait to see what she does.

Devri said...

yep i am excited to take over i have been reading every post love it!!!!!!!!!
aanya naulu

tammy said...

Cute stories!

My friend's little sunbeam went running out of the primary room screaming when they started talking about the Holy Ghost. I love their innocense.

It will be fun to see what your daughter comes up with.

mother goose said...

my 11 year old has a blog and so does her 11 year old, oops 12 year old cousin. They love comments but we have not shared their blogs either. There is too much out there. I wish family members would comment to them but oh my gosh, they read my blog and don't comment.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hmm...I wonder if that apple would be called a sweet n' sour??