Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are you entered into the Raffle yet? and Muk_Luks

Did you know that most online companies did not want much to do with me, because I was..

A; Not a licenced Charitable cause, which means, if they don't get something back in return, they will not donate...

B; I was not PR asking to review their product. (again something for something)

What in the world just happened to good old charity...

Well That is why I have asked my readers and my followers to donate $1 or more so that us bloggers, twitters, and facebookers could give these deserving families a wonderful day of happiness and hope.

If you donated... Thank you so much.....If you haven't.... It is not too late!!!!!

If you did donate this is what is in the Raffle and chances are pretty good that you are going to get one of these puppies.. Not too many have donated.

Cannon Rebel.................From a local company.. they do not want to be named..I went to their store and begged and begged, I asked for two.. lol I think I pushed it.. lol

Nintendo Dsi..................From Kmart

IPod Touch 8g.................From RadioShack

$50 Gift Card......From Target

$50 gift Card................From Bath and Body

$50 Gift Card...............From Best Buy

$25 Gift Card...............From Walmart

$25 Gift Card...............From Shopko

$25 Gift Card................From Toys R Us

$25 Gift Card...............From Lane Bryant

$25 Gift Card...............From JCPenny

Item that will be given away in Santa's Bag are hopefully still coming in..But this is what we have so far and want to thank companies for donating for these families in need.. I will be doing a post on each sponsor who agreed to let me shout them out...I will post sponsors starting today and go up until December 1st.

1. Ride on Retro Rocket.....from donations
2. Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker
3. Bob the Builder DVD......my donation
4. Black&Decker 12v Smart Select Drill
5. Worthington Handbag
6. 39"Monster Tube from Paricon
7. Disney's UP DVD
8. Sentsy Gift Certificate
9. Disney's Ice Age DVD
10. Holiday Time 7' Pre-lit Douglas Fir Tree
11. Monopoly City
12. Talkin Chucky Truck from Tonka
13. My little pony supermarket
15. baby activity gym
16. Tutu's and hair accessories From Litte Divas Tutu's
17. Muk_Luks Boots
18. Transformers Optimus Prime Autobot
19. LeapFrog Leapster2
20. Ematic 4gb Mp3 player with 2.4"lcd screen and camera
21. And more coming tommorow...

1st sponsor.......MUK_LUKS

I have never heard of these boots before until I met Amanda from MukLuks on Twitter, they were holding a contest, and I simply asked if she would be willing to donate to this cause, and she jumped at the chance.

Who we are...MUK LUKS® brand represents a lifestyle.
Shoes, slippers, accessories .... all fun! MUK LUKS® offers consumers fashionable, comfortable, affordable footwear that fits into their everyday lives.

How we started...MUK LUKS® is truly an icon in the footwear industry.
Launched as slipper sox in 1972, these classic comforts immediately became a staple fashion item. Over the years, MUK LUKS® has remained on trend, and now boasts the strongest, most comprehensive line ever. Bold patterns, bright colors, and total comfort define today's MUK LUKS®--- a contemporary cousin of the original.

Muk_Luks has generously donated 3 pairs to the Gifts of Hope Program, and surprizenly donated one to me too! (I can't wait to get them)

Go Check out their store, they are sold also at Target, shoemall.com, OverStock.com, Kohls, Sam's Club, and more...

Amanda in her Muk_Luks (aren't they BOTH Cute)

If you tweet, go check out Muk_Luks on Twitter and become a follower, and become a MukLukateer, they give out a free pair every week, and you can become a fan on FaceBook too!

ps. links will go up slowly today.. I am behind schedule sorry!

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Messy Jess said...

So how do we donate?? Sorry I'm a little dense...

Memmott Family said...

Ya I was just wondering the same thing!

Stacie said...

I want to be involved and donate too! let me know...maybe you posted how on a previous blog ,I will look and see. Those boots ARE so cute!

Devri said...

ladies. lol Ya you must have missed it~ but don't worry, all you have to do is go the the right hand side of my blog, and click on the button that says donate.. then donate how much ever you want, nothing is too little or too much! :D

Proceeds will go directly to Santa's bag, and for stockings, and a nice Christmas dinner for the families.. thanks ladies. I love you all and can't wait to get this out to the families in need!

Cool and chill Mom! said...

I will click on the donate link, but also have some items for Santa's bag, let me know how to get them to you, please.

Nicole said...

Good luck with the fundraising. I've sent out your info to a few other people too. I threw $5 into the pot. Now I'm crossing my fingers for the Rebel or DS.

Mtlgrl4evr said...

I donated (Tiffany Hearn) I hope you raise lots of money for this wonderful cause!

CheekyGirl said...

I've seen Muk Luks in target and really wanted a pair! They are super cute and look very comfortable!

StrangeDaze said...

I donated and I wish you much success with this great cause!

It's a wonderful thing you're doing. Thanks!

tannawings said...

Kudos to all the supporters- Amanda (@MUK_LUKS) is truly amazing and generous. I hope more companies step up and show some Christmas cheer!
Best wishes, and I hope my small donation will help.
(@tannawings on Twitter too!)

StrangeDaze said...

I don't know if you wanted my twitter name as well.

It's @MissingLynxx.

I'm hoping you get lots of donations!

FruFrugal said...

Tweeted and donated. What a great idea! <3 Diane

Jeccica Simpson said...

Hello, great cause, I just donated under my husband ..

Steve Simpson
I am
Jeccica Simpson
Twitter id: jessa1130

millaa said...

This is so sweet and thoughtful of you. We were one of these families up until a few months ago. We're still not where we need to be financially but things are better than what they were. This hit home with me.

herblady said...

I don't have much but am happy to give what I can; wish it could be more! God bless you and your family for what you are doing. :)
(hrbeck on twitter)

Megan R. said...

I just donated! What a great idea, thanks for the opportunity to give!

MeganMK at cox dot net

Sarah @bluefroggie said...

I donated! What a great cause!

Scott said...

I donated!

Twitter: scottheyboer

Email: scotthey (at) comcast (dot) net


taterbug said...

I donated (Cathy Wilcox)- good luck and thanks for all you are doing!

cathyandharold at verizon dot net

taterbug said...

Oops, was I supposed to give my twitter id? (taterbugtx)

Anonymous said...

I donated. good luck!!! Tamra @wild456

mother goose said...

you are doing such a great service! many blessings your way!

Sarah Lewis said...

Happily donated and tweeted (@bookchiq). :) Hope you get loads of donations!

luv_mydachshund said...

I donated and tweeted! Great thing that your doing to help others...sorry i couldn't help out much but currently unemployed. :-(

email - shanny underscore bar scott at yahoo dot com


Repre said...

and twittered about it--I hope you get some great donations!

Repre said...

Sorry forgot my twitter name smokey_frankie

Carrie said...

I am so GLAD that I am fortunate enough that I could help out the The Gifts of Hope.. I hope that all these family still have a wonderful Holiday season and that they are glad to have each other!

roma said...
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roma said...

Hey, Ok I donated! My twitter Id is romapr09! I wish I could do more. Times are tight for me but I am glad to help even a little bit. Sending blessings to the family who will have a Wonderful Holiday! Thanks for helping children this Christmas :-)
I tweeted! http://twitter.com/romapr09/status/6295842670
If you need the email I used for paypal just contact me .