Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gift of Giving Contest begins

I wanted to start this Gifts of Hope program for a couple of reasons. One being of course I want to help families out there who won't be able to afford Christmas this year, but for another reason too which is simply wanting to give Hope to a family out there who really needs a bit of Hope.

I know too many people struggling right now, through their own struggles in life, such as income, tragedy, and death.

I know all to well that when a devastating blow hits a home, you lose a bit of hope, if not all of it. The Gift of Hope Contest is a gift we can all give these families in need, not only through presents for the little ones, but a spiritual gift as well, Hope is spiritual, with out hope their is no faith, and without faith, their simple can be no hope.

With this gift we can not take away their pain that they are going through, but we can help put a smile on the little ones faces and we can help ease the pain and help them gain hope so that they can move towards a better future.

Contest officially starts today.....

Do you know someone in need this holiday? I want y0u to choose carefully, I want you to think about all your friends and families who might benefit from this this year. We have some really great stuff to give to these families in need, so please help me get this word out, post this contest on your blog, facebook and twitter, and help us find the perfect families for this wonderful program. Grab the button on the side and yell and shout about it..

Their simply won't be a contest if their is no one to give it to..

Also their is still time to help sponsor this program if you have a product that you would donate, or you can donate cash for Santa's Bag, you can also send gift cards, lightly used toys, or just your prayers and love to many of these families who will need that also.

Contest ends December 1st.. Families will be chosen December 2ND to be able to get all the presents shipped to them in time for Christmas Eve.

So get thinking? Who do you want to vote for?


1. Tell us who you think deserves this, tell me their story.. remember to keep the names confidential if you are putting it in the comments..

(remember this is a secret.. we do not want them to know :D)

2. You can email me their story if you wish too, remember you can't enter your own family. sorry. email at makadevri at gmail dot com

2. Sorry again, this contest is for USA only.

3. Leave me your email so I can reach you if your entry wins.

Good luck

10 coments:

Nicole said...

What a great cause! I'm sure there will be many grateful people from your efforts. I just added the blog button to my sidebar.

parentingBYdummies said...

I can't think of anyone at the moment. Most of my friends and family members are very blessed to be doing well (or at least ok) this Christmas season, but I'm sure you will get plenty of other entrants who will be so excited to get your gifts. Great cause! Oh, and your babies are A-DOR-A-BLE!

CaryManda said...

I put a little linky link on my blog.


Wish I lived close I could donate some free photography. What a fabulous thing you are doing!!! I remember the Christmas after our house burned down and my parents had to start over with nine kids.Christmas was donated to our family that year. The kindness will never be forgotten. What a lesson of service and Christ like love I learned that year.

Nicole said...

I have a family to nominate: Amber, Mark and their baby boy. I tried to do what I could to help them a few months ago, but I know they could use more help. You can read more about them here:

Since that post, they have had their baby. Unfortunately Mark lost some of his assistance and they are having a very hard time.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I dont know Of any familys off the top of my head that must be a good thing.

I just wanted to say what a wonderfull gift you are doing.

Kristie said...

I'm thinking....
This is wonderful!

amanda said...

So glad to be part of this :)

gigi said...

Devri, you are awesome!!

hoLLy said...

great idea devri-you are such a sweetheart! i'll donate and add your button to my blog! also, i can't think of anyone in need right now. i'll let you know if i do!