Monday, December 14, 2009


I do not follow the crowd.

I do not sing in the shower.

I do not buy into the Must Haves. (except zhu zhu pets)

I do not shower everyday, if I don't feel like it.

I do not let my children color or craft whenever they want to.

I do not worry if my kids did not do their homework when they are in 1st grade.

I do not want the cold weather, or the snow, or the slush, muck and yuck.

I do not have any outside lights up this year.

I do not read. I can, I just hate too, it gives me a headache and I think it is boring.


I do love Christmas Time.

I do eat way too much food.

I do watch way too many kids movies.

I do stay on the computer way too long.

I do keep a journal.

I do my visiting teaching every month. (sort of)

I do drool in my sleep.

I do hang out with my children and make great memories with them.

I do pick my nose.. (what?)

I do love my family, my husband, and my Lord.

Keilani has to speak on Sunday, she is nervous, but do you know what? She spoke the week in July right after I broke my foot, so I wasn't' their, but she brought such a great spirit to the meeting, that bishop wants to have her do it again.. lucky gal! lol

Elais cut his hair... yup, the funny kid came out of the room with scissors saying "Mom, don't be mad at me k?! I just wanted to be a rock star" lol

and rock star he is now, Maka won't cut it yet, so he looks like he has a mullet on one side of his head.. lol I will show photos when I am not sooo tired.

Off to bed, so I can be back up at 5...

here's to another day..

13 coments:

Renee said...

Oh with the kid's cutting their own hair! Sophie did that 2 years ago and we both cried so hard and laughed at the same time.

hoLLy said...

i pick my nose and don't shower every day either. actually, most of the things on your list, i'm with ya on! thats why we cool! :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I agree with NOT following the crowd, singing in the shower (I sing in the car), not a "must have" girl and I do not want the cold weather either.

Good luck to your little girl and her talk Sunday. My son has to give one of the Christmas talks this Sunday too. It's a gift when they let a select kid speak for the Christmas Sunday.


shauna said...

Picture, picture, picture! We really need to see the new haircut!

Triple A said...

I love your ideas on life. It just makes sense. Can you send me your address for Christmas cards. My email is

Elizabeth said...

Doesn't everyone who lives in a dry climate pick their nose?? I think you HAVE too! And shower everyday??? In my dreams!~


Yep,arts and crafts keep them busy, so does pickin thier noses Oh, and cutting their hair.I dooo LOVE to read, but my 9yr old is on the Devri reading team. He hates it. Speaking twice in 6 months? Gkad you get to be there this time!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh I love you Devri! Your posts are so inspiring and wonderful!!! I always get a kick out of them!

Jen Sue Wild said...

When ever I need a pick me up I know I can get one here..
Thanks for makeing me laugh..

Cynthia said...

The rock star comment has me giggling. How can a gal be mad when he has such a great 'reason'? I am a 'slacker Mom'. And proud of it. My kids are learning to do for themselves because they have to!

Brittany said...

this was a fun post to read girl! i hope you are feeling okay with your DIS-abilities ;) i tease because i love !

Keegan said...

I love that you dont love to too..I can read just not for me! crack me up

Misty said...

love your list! thanks for my blog comment devri! i have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my blog and my reading! i love your page and the falling snow! very cute! i hope to get on to blogger more often and to catch up with my blogger peeps :p
thank you for reading about Gavin owens.. he and his family are amazing.. his mom continues to write the most beautiful posts.
i hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!