Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday Memories- Love one Another

I went to the Dollar Store Thursday Night, With all my children in tow. Not 1, not 3, not even 6, but ALL 7. I do this all the time, Maka(before the economy went down hill) worked day and night and night and day, Maka was sleeping so I just threw them in the car and braved it with crutches and all.

We got their I grabbed baby threw him on my hip, and started in with all the kids, we walked around the store about 3 times before they decided on what to buy for their Valentines Boxes. People starred like we had leprosy, it happens all the time since 2 of the family members sport a cast, some just stare, some ask questions, and some make comments. not nice either. I get so many a day, that I get tired of responding, in fact if I don't know them I simply respond.."We were in a Car accident" bad yup.. I know.. remember I am not perfect either.

But as my patience was wearing thin, waiting for the monkeys to decide on their Valentines Box ideas, a man came walking up to me. I had seen this man walking around, he was one of the only people in the store who didn't stare comment or ask questions. I took note of who he was, a man in his 60's, a simple man, looking at balloons.

As he walked up to me, he simply said with a tender hearted voice..

Man- Ma'am...

Me- Yes..

Man- Can I give your kids a Valentines Present? (as he walked closer towards me, he held out his hand and I looked down. a big wad of money, rolled up like a little boy would carry it.)

Me- Oh no sir... please no, we are OK, you do not need to give us this.

Man- Please I want to give this to your family.

I took it knowing that he wasn't going to say NO for an answer. I thanked him and told him that I hoped he will have a wonderful Valentines Day.

I started to walk down the aisle, I started to cry. It was my first time ever tearing up in a store before, and I was afraid someone would see, and come over to me. I hurried and brushed the tears away from my eyes and face, and sat in awe.

We weren't dressed poorly, we were clean, and well taken care of.. Why did he choose our family to give his money to? Why I am I so blessed.

We have a job again, and slowly will be playing catch up, but this I know wasn't about the lord sending him our way to help our financial situation.

This man was sent to help me.

You see, I needed this lift, the love of Heavenly Father. It is not about the money, as I teared up, I thought of one thing.. simple acts of kindness... Love one Another.

I needed that, thank you to the man who will always be remembered, thank you to my Father in Heaven, who gave me a boost..


Valentines was the best, we didn't do anything spectacular, but I am telling you what.. I thought when I got married I was in the most love I could ever be... when I was married for 5, 10 and more years, I thought, man I loved my husband back then, but each day I loved him more...

I can honestly say that I love him more than ever, and I cannot wait till our 50 year anniversary, because I will come back here and laugh, the love just keeps growing.

We woke up early Sunday and I made strawberry crepes for the family, gave them their little valentines and went to church, came home and had a valentines party "sabbath style"

And that is what is what Monday Memories is all about.

Peace Out

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gigi said...

Heavenly Father does hear and answers our prayres and he usually sends Angels to do his work here on earth.
Glad you had such a sweet Valentine's day. HAve a blessed week.


The Amamzing kindness and love shown by that man remind me that our Heavenly Father really is in charge. What a sweet experience, that could not have happened to a more deserving family.

tammy said...

I want to be rich and walk around handing out money to people.

Sue said...

Devri that was so sweet..

Heavenly Father does love you.

Kristina P. said...

I love hearing stories like this. It was definitely meant to be.

Momo Fali said...

How wonderful that you met that generous man! I think that is such a heartwarming story.

Nora said...

Okay... that made me tear up..
That was so nice... heartwarming, and its stories like this, that makes the world a great place to be
x x

mother goose said...

that is so sweet and so wonderful, don't acts like those make you want to return that type of act one day.

Messy Jess said...

That was so tender. What a sweet reminder of so many things.

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Isn't it amazing how the Lord can uplift and comfort through the prompting of the spirit to others...and that the man heeded the spirit to be there and do that!

I love your family!

(I saw your daughter at Finau's last night...she is such a beautiful little girls had fun playing with her!)

Thanks for sharing this experience!=)

Kristie said...

"Each life that touches ours for good reflects thine own great mercy Lord."

Tara D. said...

What a sweet thing that man did for you guys; Heavenly Father definitely sent him your way. :) Happy belated Valentine's Day!

hoLLy said...

i got teary eyed reading this post devri. how sweet of that man to do that! he was your angel that day:)

Renee said...

There are so many angels on earth, we are blessed!

Kerri said...

Thanks for sharing that seet story! And don't worry, I totally get that you are sick of being asked about the casts. When Jonah broke his leg I was so tired of telling people what happened. I felt liek a bad enough Mom for letting it happen, but people constantly asking made it worse.