Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Needs 2 Feet Anyways??


2 weeks ago I screamed with excitement to my hubby that I only had one more week in a cast. That I was moving forward, and the day was almost here that I could walk on my own 2 feet again.

The doctor called.. ummm NOPE..He was in Haiti, I had to wait another week. I didn't care because the wonderful person he was, who went to do service and sacrifice for our dear brothers and sisters suffering. Yesterday, I was the happiest LITTLE girl on the planet. We had a wonderful Sabbath day, instead of watching the Superbowl on TV, we decided a few years ago, that we'd keep that TV off and Do our own, family style. I had the best day evah!

I went to the doctor today.. NOT GOOD NEWS at all. They took xrays, and as the doctor came in, asked me if I was ready to take it off. Yup, lets getter done. He looked over the xrays. I saw the look on his face, he saw the look on mine... NOT GOOD. The cuboid that had the screws in it, was together from the screws, but not much else.. the dang thing hasn't healed. What? I have been in this cast a week over the time limit, I have been a good girl and haven't walked on it, and what do I get in return.. Nadda. The 6 pins that were holding my bones that had shifted out of place, in place.. well...NOT GOOD NEWS the doc said they needed to be more stable before I could walk.. What????????

So I go in in two weeks, to see what the xrays will show. I am paranoid, and with my luck, I have every right to be. If they are progressively healing.. great.. If not.. possibly go back in for surgery..

I called my husband on the way home, started to cry out of frustration, and didn't stop all the way home. Came in the house, got my children on their homework, snacks, and chores..And I was off to my bedroom where my husband was sleeping. I walked in the room, laid on the bed, and cried in my hubby's arms for almost 2 hours, while we talked.

I am so thankful for all my support, from my husband,family and friends.. thank you.
I am OK, I have picked my sorry butt up back off the floor, slapped myself silly, and said a prayer.

I feel better.. phew.

I love my new layout. It took me a very long while to figure it all out.. Html.. kicked my butt, and in the end.. I knocked it out! Yippee! Not sure if I like the design.. but I am my own designer, and can change it in a heartbeat. Let me know if I can ever help you in it.. :D

Elaisi is doing so great with his underwear. One day I was fed up with making.ummm I mean training this boy. Maka brought home real big boy underwear, I stole.ummm I printed off a potty chart, and had some truck,car,boat,tracker,airplane stickers, and when it is full, he will get a Semi truck.. Mac to be exact! :D But that isn't the trick.. I grabbed his underwear that had you know who on the butt, and put the dumb thing over my face.. I stuck the undies in my mouth were his mouth was at, and said "I am spidyman, I am your superhero, I will fight and protect you when I wear it, but their is a problem. Elaisi with his eyes open as big as he could get them said "what is the problem spidy?" If you pee or poop on me.. I will not protect you, I will not give you powers to fight and protect your family..

That was it... 1 week in undies.. a couple of accidents, but keeps dry all night long. I am paranoid at night time, so when he falls asleep, I throw on a diaper on him, so he won't know, and before he wakes up, I take it off. shhhhhhh


I feel I need to do more service in my life.. I know that we are all mostly cyber buddies, but if you ever need anything, please don't be afraid to ask... k

I just realized that I have never not once in the almost 2 years of blogging that I have never said this word.. this word is all bloggers favorite word to say.. I really don't know why, but I think it is funny, it pops up everywhere, in posts, in titles and on the name of the blogs itself..


Phew.. I said it... I promise it will never happen again..
Anyone getting ancious for Summer to Come already? Me too

This was a dumb random post..

If you made it through the whole thing, you get a fat pig...

Cooked or alive..

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Jillene said...

I'm so sorry Devri!! I will be praying that you start healing and don't have to have another surgery.

Jillene said...

Oh yeah--where's my pig? I prefer cooked please. Thank you!! (0;

Brittany said...

dumb random posts are my favorite ;)

Ane said...

Sorry you are not all healed yet! Dang...just hang in there! You are so strong woman! I am loving your blog designs you did a great job!!

Kristina P. said...

Your layout looks great! I hope that your cast comes off soon!

Stacie said...

Love the new layout & the pix! Bummer dealio about your foot :( i hope you get the cast off sooner than later! that totally bites!

mama cow said...

Tell your doc to just pull out the bones that arent healing.....its not like you are using them anyways! I am send you some socks as soon as you get that stupid thing off!!!

Memmott Family said...

You are good to stay off your foot with kids! I tend to disobey drs orders sometimes.. I was told not to lift anything for two weeks, but I did SSSSHHHHH don't tell.! you will be OK we will keep you in our prayers

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Oh Devri...can I just tell you that you are my HERO! When I read your blog it gives me strength! At first I wanted to cry because of your foot...then I was touched when you posted how Maka comforted you (don't we just have the BEST husbands!) ...then I was jumping for joy when I read about Elaisi!

You really are an inspiration to me...and after all that, you still manage to look amazing everywhere you go...and fix your blog (which looks off the hook might I add!)

Please if I can help YOU in anyway (besides prayers...those are being said as we speak)...let me know K!



I'm just the MOM said...

I always enjoy randomness! and... ME, ME, ME (waving hand high in the air) I would love if you could teach me how to do my own layout. I can be your first student.

Mommy Bear said...

*Hugs* I am so sorry. I know you were disappointed but keep your head up. It will get better.

Puanani503 said...

I am passing on an award to you! Come over to my blog and get it:) Hope things get better..God Bless..


Kaci said...

Ohhh sister I wish I could give you a giant hug and swap legs with you!! I gladly take your place for two weeks and have crutches...well wait too much snow and ice. Just kidding I take it on with snow and ice too!! =)

Steph said...

I'm sorry Devri...that really sucks! I will come mop your floor for you... :)

I may ask for help with my blog layout after my babe is born... Someone else helped me with it and I can't figure out how to change it.

Kristie said...

Ummm.. you better cook the pig, if we see it alive we'll keep it as a pet!
What a bummer about your foot! Sorry.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Devri!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!! That is seriously awful!!! I'm so sorry! I spent 3 months of childhood (which as you know is really 3 lifetimes) in a toe to hip cast and it was misery. I can't imagine doing that as a mom! Hugs, girl! And my prayers are with ya!


I made it through... Where's my pig???

soo sorry about the bad foot news. Seriously you need a break!