Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random-nessess at its BEST!

Yup I am blowing my Blog (journal) to bits! After I get done over my BlogFart, I will have no followers, no Comments, No friends..

Life happens.. Yes I am on facebook, but it doesn't mean I am on the puter. Dang it, just have no time lately. I lost the time I usually spend on it, to my Husband, me and him are going to the gym everyday, me swimming and him getting fit!

I woke up feeling like a brick of ya know... Hit me today. I am feeling like that a lot lately, I am just so emotionally stressed that I think it has finally hit me physically.

This is that time where I forget myself and go to work for others. It always passes by time and relieves my stress.

And boy do I got a lot of it lately!

That's OK though, what doesn't kill me will make me stronger!

I found my Patriarticle (can't spell it and don't care right now) blessing the other day.. Just what I needed. That thing is amazing!!!!!!!!

I have to laugh every time I start to read it...

I will share two things in there with you....

First thing on that paper states...Devri, Be Patient.. Be slow to anger...

Really, How can you not know the Lord knows me all to well, those are my two worst trials in life...

I vouge this day forward that I will put the patriarticle blessing in my scriptures, and every morning as I read the scriptures, I will pull it out, and be reminded of what I can become, and what Heavenly Father knows me to be, and I will strive to do my best!

Foot is not getting better, but I manage.. How can you not?

My two boys have consumed the rest of my spare time, and then some, Kono is sure growing up, and has become a shadow to his brother which is not such a great thing! I love them to death and cherish every naughty thing they do. And to tell you the truth, their is not a time were they have done something destructive and always, I turn around in silence and laugh my butt off!

Maka's sister is coming from Tonga with her family on Thursday! I am so excited!!!! She is the only one I have never met in person, in fact, I have never spoke to her even on the phone before, besides... Ya, he's here!!!

They got their visa's and will be staying here forever!!!Whooot Hoooot Toooooot!Not at my house but in our same town, they will stay with Maka's Mom, and they live like 6 blocks away!


I love family..

It is all about family! Friends are important, but family is forever!

I snuck and did a little treadmill today.. not suppose to, it hurt like the dickens, and just toughed it out, couldn't start and then just stop, and have everyone look at me like I am a failure.. So I walked(imeanlimpedit) and toughed it out. Will I be doing that again.. Nope.. Ouch I am paying the price tonight.. I am in pain, my foot is more swollen than ever..

Oops.. Guess I am back to the Pool lapping it!

Poor me... the first day I did laps, a really fat man asked me if he could share the slow lap with me, I surely told him yes... He made some comments that I would kill his laps.. Ummmmmmm Can I just say.. That man got in the pool, cruised those laps and swam circles around me.. Put me to shame!!!

He is now my swimming buddy, I have to laugh, My goal is to be as good as the fattest man I know!

Mean.. questionable!

I love that Maka is my work out buddy.. He makes me get excited to go to the gym with him, and we have decided to change our life style eating habits for all in my house.. It will only benefit us all. At this house, we all live on junk food, microwavable lunches, and eat till you puke..

It will be a good change.

Do you know what the coolest thing is? OK besides this oh so random post??

I walk like a gangsta.. not on purpose, but it just happens..

Love it, Maybe I will never heal just so people think I am BAD!!!!!!!

Have a great night, day or whenever you read this post...

Or if you even do???

I am a slacker.. I keep saying I am going to visit your blogs, I do but just don't comment.. I will annoy you with me comments later, I promise (again)

11 coments:

Memmott Family said...

you are not a slacker, and those are some great things from your patriarchal blessing. thanks for sharing that with us..

GOod luck in the pool

Steven, Kimberly and Gavin said...

you crack my crackers ...

Ane said...

What up Gangsta! lol! You crack me off Devri! hehehe! I love that you find ways to overcome the emotionally and physically challenging trials with humor and spirituality! You da' bombestest! Take it easy on the treadmill....Please..;) Oh my goodness and the boys...just like my two, just u wait til they are around 5 years old...T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Pau'u aupito! lol! Praying you heal soon! Hugz! From Kearns!

JamericanSpice said...

You are going to the gym? Way cool. Does that mean your foot/leg is much better now darling?

I am right there with the stress and for me, time lessens the impact, except it's hard to get time with children all abuzzing.

What is a Patriarticle?

Oh No! I see the foot is not getting better. I can't understand why not. That must be so frustrating!

I'm glad you get to meet sister. I hope you will hit it off!

Enjoy the swimming. I want to learn to swim so badly!

I'm glad you are up and about and living.

Talk to you later gangsta :)

Kristina P. said...

You stay off that treadmill!!

Stacie said...

are you really not going to have a blog anymore? oh i am so sad. I hope this is not true. Sorry to hear that your foot is still not healing correctly :( dislike!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I really hope you're joking about the "me no blog" thing! I'd miss you!! Take a rest girl, but come back to us! :) Have fun workin' those buns!!

Brenda said...

Get off that treadmill! I know you want to exercise but as a wise man once told you..."Devri be patient." Have fun with the family!


I love that the gym is a total stress kiler! I always feel better after a good work out. I however would have triple the stress if someone asked me to put on a swimming suit and go well, anywhere...

tammy said...

Good for you for working out. I had to laugh about your goal and the fat man.

Kerri said...

A Tongan man trying to eat healthier? LOL! If he can do it then Troy can do it too right? Good for you guys!