Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Would you rather?

First, I didn't mean to suggest that I was stopping my blog, I just meant that I was ignoring it so much that you,(all my friends would run away) tee hee. I really do ignore this blog lately, and I have a good excuse, (kind of) but I can't share it with you right now, maybe in the future.. deal?

OK now on with the show..........

Would you rather?

Would you rather sleep on the right or the left side of the bed? Me personally, I sleep which ever side is not against the wall, I feel more protected if I am not next to the window.. You KNOW that the window monsters are out there!!!!!

Would you rather wear jeans or skirts? I hate both, as soon as I get home, I throw on my sweats, I am always wanting to be comfortable lately, so if you come to my house, no guarantees I will look my best! just sayin..

Would you rather pee sitting or standing? If I am at home, where I know it is sum-sum-ssum what sanitized I will pee sitting, but in a public.. I air chair it, I flush with my foot and open doors with paper towels.. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Would you rather go all out, or go all natural? Natural baby, I am a very simple gal, not much makeup, not much bling. Not my type of thang!

Would you rather watch a chick flick, or a action pack? I get bored with chick flicks, mostly we watch intense, suspense.. But It has to be pg 13.

Would you rather puter it, or laptop it? I don't own a laptop, never go really much anywhere that I would need a laptop, but I love them. I do face book on my phone though.. that counts right??

Thongs or shoes? I hate to wear anything, but I have to say, it kills me to wear my one tennis shoe to work out in, my feet feel like they are in jail! Sandals or flip flops for me even in dah winter time. Although I got a pair of MukLuks this winter, and me loves them so!

Walmart or Target? Target... nuff said.

would you rather sky dive, or rock climb? I have never rock climbed a real Mouton before, but I have sky died, I loved it, it was before I had a family, cuz if I did I probably wouldn't have :) I heart it!

Would you rather comment, or not comment on peoples blogs? I love to comment, commenting brings such a warm loving feeling to your blog, I am not one for a who say, or a worrying about who and how many comments I have, I did when I first started, I think all who start out do, but then you learn it is not about that. But I love giving comments,just wish I had time to comment on all my reads. 324 of them. hoi!!!!

Easter candy or Halloween Candy? Easter candy.. marshmallow Bunny's are my favorite, you let them sit out for a bit without the wrapper on them, they will harden a bit, then enjoy!!! yummmy. I also love me a chocolate egg...

Enjoy the rest of your day would ya!!!!!

15 coments:

Renee said...

OK, I'm all over this like white on rice.... and I love rice!

-I don't care what side of the bed I'm on as long as it's closer to the door. I don't know why.

-I love skirts!

-I agree, public restrooms are gross so I try not to actually touch anything with my skin.

-I wear makeup, but not a lot. I do feel naked without a little though... it's a self esteem thing I guess.

-I like a good comedy. Much more and it stresses me out.

-Love my laptop.

- I have big rubber boots for the winter, flip flops for the summer and tennis shoes for the rest of the year. Not stylish at all, but very comfortable. I'm very picky about the temperature of my feet.


-Heights are not my thing.

-I love to comment on people's blogs, as you can see, but I don't always have the time, or much to say. I do, however read them as often as I can!

-Halloween candy especially good chocolate bars and sour apple blow pops! Marshmallow peeps are gross!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...



Target baby..

rock climb because I have never sky dived..

The higher the shoe the better.

Lap top

I like both chick and acttion

Do you have to ask glam all the way

I am the same with you with peeing and thats just weird to type

Flirty skirts and rocking cute jeans

left I think..

Steven, Kimberly and Gavin said...

i rather be naked

mother goose said...

i sleep on the side farthest from the door.
i prefer jeans
i sit! i do not have leg muscles anymore, so i wrap the camode.
i'm natural kinda girl, but i like the fine things in life.
action we are no R movie peeps too.
i'm a commenter.
I do not like peeps or candy corn.

Memmott Family said...

I sleep closest to the door, no window, so if in a hotel i sleep closest to the door (closest to the outside)

I love easter candy..

Drugs for me all the way on baby.. i have to have c-sections!

i like jeans, but I feel feminine in a skirt!


Memmott Family said...

oh and I like target (even though the nearest is 2 hrs..

M-Cat said...

I can't believe Target even was a question : ) Of course the Tarjay


Left side closest to the door. I get the kids first if they need me.


I like to comment, but I admit I sometimes only have time for reading.

Kristie said...

Left side
Yoga chair position in public
natural - love collecting make up - never wear it.
chick flick
Laptop is convinient in bed
sky dive
try to comment when I think of something to say.
Only Easter has Cdbury eggs!

gigi said...

Right side
Air chair
make up
chick flick
flip flops
Rock climbing
Easter candy

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Looooooooooove would you rathers!! And easter candy is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!! Cadbury mini eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Ok.....so here I go!

I don't care what side I sleep on as long as it's away from the door or window, although I saw a movie a LONG time ago that had a man coming through the wall...that freaked me out and had me confused for a LONG time...hahaha

I would say skirts!

I'm totally with you on this one....sit down at home, squat everywhere else (and that's only if I HAVE to go somewhere else....usually just try to wait for home)

The only think I wear is mascara...and I feel like I look dead w/out it so I've pretty much always got it on!

I like both chick flicks and action movies....I guess it just depends on my mood!

Well, since I've only got a laptop, I guess that would be my answer!

Thongs, silipas, flip-flops....whatever you wanna call them, but that's my foot attire year round!

I'm more of a Sam's Club type person....buy in bulk!

I would like to think I had the nerve to skydive, but I'm afraid of heights so I don't know if that would ever happen. I like hiking, is that close enough to rock climbing?

I LOVE when people leave comments on my blog, so I try to leave comments on other people's blogs too! That is, if I have something to say!! :)

Do I have to choose? Candy is candy....I love them both! :)

Hahahahaha, thanks Devri that was fun! And now you know me a tad bit better!! Now I'm gonna steal this for my blog! hahahaha thanks girl!

Cheeseboy said...

I better comment so as to bring warmness.

The blog is cool.

Personally, I prefer action to chick flicks. I wonder why that is???

Kerri said...

Can I do this on my blog? I'm not really asking for permission, just telling you that I'm going to.:)
I haven't talked to you in what seems like forever!Hope all is going well for you.