Friday, May 28, 2010

7 kids fighting over 6 twinkies

thanks for letting me steal this photo

I wake up, or should I say got up, to kids fighting, fighting, and more fighting, it is not so bad, when you have 2, or 3 but come on, I have 7. Went to the Aanya's 6Th grade graduation, more fighting (the boys), That had happened till about noon.

then we went to the doctor for my foot and I realized that I locked ourselves out of the house. No diapers, no money, boy was I in trouble. Maka was working about an hour away, no gas, what was I going to do..... I went to grandma's... begged for 20 dollars, went and bought diapers...fed my kids at grandma's.... could be worse.

I could have no grammy around to save my butt!!

fighting fighting and more fighting! The last straw was when they all decided to go sneak a snack, I hear more yelling I came down and what did I see? 7 children literally fighting over 6 Twinkies!!

don't worry all electronics are on hold till I get back! Have fun daddy! bwa ha ha

Summer started t-minus a half a day ago, that means..................

Selling ALL CHILDREN!!!!

(PS. for those psycho freaks out there, I am not really! k jokes!)

Now excuse me, I am off to go the the first Annual Casual Bloggers Confrence!!!

First time with out children and hubby in over 13 years..

This should a be fun, exciting, nerve racking, stressful event!!!

Can't Wait!

6 coments:

Hillary said...

wheres the picture?? what about the dog? does he just get to lick sticky hands :)

Hillary said...

got it! have a great time and find out who you are!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Have a great time at the conference. I wish there was one for men.


Have fun at the CBC!
You know twinkies have a shelf life of like 100 years, just put em up high where they can see them and then whoever can go the longest with out fighting gets all six? Might give you a day or two of peace:)

What Mom doesn't want to sale, bribe someone into taking, or just plain give a kid away every now and again....

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Thanks for being brave and volunteering your blog for scrutiny in the Millionaire Blog class. Wasn't that a great class? I think your blog looks great. And your kids are so beautiful. I have 7 too.

gigi said...

Okay, fess up!! Tell it all and show pictures!!! Oh, um, please ;)