Tuesday, May 25, 2010

workout Machine

I have to say I kick butt At the gym.. that's right, you heard me,

I rock it!

Why, cuz I have a attitude, I am stubborn and I want to be rock solid some day..

Just saying.........

I get to the gym and drop my tribe off at the day care.. (best idea evah)

I go potty before I work out.. why? cuz this girl has had 7 children..

Dats why!!!

I walk to the cardio room, look around, and find the chick or man who is working there butt off and looks like they have been doing it for years..

I like to work out right next to them, not one over, not 3 over, but right next door!

they kick it, and I turn it on, and... There is NO way that they are going to make me look bad, so I crank it up, and kill my self at the gym.

If I am there by myself, I have no drive, same as if a slow person is next to me.. I already know I can kick it better than they, so I have no drive..

That's how I roll..

What makes you kick butt working out, what gives you the drive you need to bring it home?

I am in pain when I work out.. Oh boy, no one knows how bad my foot hurts, yes, my 75,000 foot. That dumb screw is shredding my ligament in my ankle bit by bit, every time I take a step..

It feels so nice!!!

Today, there was a trainer who came up to me and asked why I am wearing "the Boot"?

as I told him the story, he was in awe, he then took me around showing me off and telling the story all over again and again to everyone he was training.

We luff Miley

I feel almost like Hanna Montana... I am almost that famous now at the gym..

Some guy laughed at me and said that I was faking it and that I just wore it for attention..

Sorry to say my Tongan bout came out.. I almost punched him in his overly large

Adams apple!

But I am better than that...


5 coments:

Judi said...

You ROCK Devri! Now I have NO excuse not to get back to the gym because of my back!! You ispire me sister!!

Cheeseboy said...

Showing up strangers at the gym? I am so glad I don't go to yours.

(I don't go to the gym, period.)

M-Cat said...

One should ALWAYS work out next to someone who's kicking it. You will def be working hard!

Good on ya!

Messy Jess said...

awesome - boot and all! Love daycare at the gym too!

Suzanne said...

Working out is one of my favorite things to do ever! You totally have muscles, it's obvious! Wrangling all those kids will keep you buff to some degree, I tell you what!