Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man Vs. Woman

What has this world come to?

I never thought in a million years an adult male would try to take on a woman!

I was at Katalina's soccer game last week, and Katalina went to shoot, but a girl from the other team grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her down! No call from the ref.

But in 3rd grade soccer, there isn't too many rules yet, they really don't enforce to much until they get a bit older.

Once that happened, a man (a very large man) stood up, and started swearing at the ref, then he and another pig headed man started to go at it....ACROSS all the parents, children. Everyone put down their heads in shame, not one man, (other than the two) stood up and said something.


I kindly in a moments break, said out loud, come on guys, this is a 3rd grade soccer game.. The one who started it all replied to me- "your just not competitive"...

I kindly replied, " Oh believe me I am, that is my girl who got shoved, but I am also a very chillax girl!

He scurried over to where I was sitting, around all my children, came up in front of me, raised his hand into a fist and said this.......

"Shut the H#(( up!.. blank blankety blank woman!

OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!!

I then stood up, and I will tell you why in a minute-........ But I stood up, got in his face, and said... "What, you gonna fight a woman?" I really wanted to punch his throat, but I remembered this-

Not one man, up until this point stood up! Katalina's coach thought two men were fighting and he expressed to me, that he has seen a fight before and no worries lol.

Well, he looked over and saw it was me standing there, with a guy who is 3 times my size with his fist up! He ran over got in his face and they started exchanging words..


I stated that I was going to call the police, and he calmed down and sat down.

He apologized to the man,

Never to me!

what a punk!

I picked up my phone, Maka was on his way there from work, and I quietly said to him.. Hey, hurry up, there is a guy here, and he just tried to beat me up! Maka- well lets just say it didn't go over very well, his Tongan came out, he sped there, and when he got there, he had already left.. Deep down inside I am glad, I didn't need my husband to end up in jail, but he is my night and shining armor. He is my Hero, and I am thankful I have a man who will protect his family!

After the game his wife came up to me crying and told me she was so sorry, making excuses for him, I knew she was afraid of her husband.

I have seen him many times at the games, him and his wife have 5 children, at the end of each game, he simply gets on his phone and walks away from them. Leaving this poor lady to pick up his chair, her chair, and all the kids mess.


I feel sorry for this lady, I wish she would stick up for herself, or could get some kind of help!

But as for me, I was shaking after for 2 more games, not that I was scared. I wasn't... I was mad, I wanted to pull my inner gangsta self out, and punch him in the throat, and I couldn't, so my body was shaking in anger!!!!!!!

So why did I stand up against this big man?

Let me tell you a story.......

When Aanya (my oldest) was in 5Th grade, a huge boy would always be mean and pick fights with other kids. Well one day her teacher was out of the room, and he was bullying another boy, Aanya stood up and said stop it, and he needed to sit down.

He went up to her desk, pushed it over, she fell to the ground, he kicked her numerous times, in the legs, stomach and as she got up, in the face, and arm!

Not one boy did a thing, She sat there taking it, not fighting back..

Why? because mom and dad said don't fight!

From that time forth, I have taught my children, that self defence is #1 priority, specially when it comes to boyz/men.

I have taught my girls that you do not let the male gender push you around, bully you, or any form of sexual harassment!

This is why I stood up, there is nothing in the world worse that us woman to be afraid of men. Us women need to stand up for ourselves!

Not that I would have won the fight, not that I wanted to fight... But I have shown him I am not afraid, I am more powerful than that!

...............(but you all know I woulda put on a good show right?) lol

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gigi said...

Well, you go gurl!

M-Cat said...

Look at you! And teaching your kids that self defense is okay is a GOOD thing

Pedaling said...

you are right to feel bad for the bully mans wife. so sad.
i love how you described your hub...the Tongan in him came out.

Briggs and Emma said...


Stacie said...

whoah that man sounds terrible. I feel sorry for his wife and kids. Glad you guys are ok and that you have taught your girls to fight back when its right!


GOOD for you!!
Heartbreaking to know in this day and age with help so many places that so many woman are still to scared to get the help they need.

Renee said...

That is so sad. I feel bad for his family too.

I agree though, and teach my kids to stand up for themselves as well! Good job Devri!!!

Mama said...

Good for you, way to stand up!! I cant stand pig headed people. What a jerk!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Love this Dev.

You rock my world.

I woulda faught him with you.

Stupid jerk.

And yeah sometimes the masses are silent and wrong and wrong and silent.

Aanya is breaking my heart. What a sweetie and a brave girl.

Hillary said...

wow! i've seen things like that before.. being that we are a sports family too! I don't get what these men (and women) are trying to gwt out of little kid soccer or whatever. at least it wasn't the coach.. seen that one too many times in 5 yr old softball!! if my hubby was there he woulda had your back... and so would I I wouda been right there with you. i guess this guy has never seen a woman stand up for herself. maybe you gave his wife a little something to think about, that she can stand up to him... and kick him to the curb :) love you sista!

Kristen said...

Reading your post made me so angry! I can't believe that someone could act like that, I wish the police would have been called and he would have been arrested. Especially to freak out in front of kids as well, does it make you want to make snide comments to him when you see him? It would make me want to but then I would probably not want him to start another episode... wow.

Kristen said...

Reading your post made me so angry! I can't believe that someone could act like that, I wish the police would have been called and he would have been arrested. Especially to freak out in front of kids as well, does it make you want to make snide comments to him when you see him? It would make me want to but then I would probably not want him to start another episode... wow.

mother goose said...

amazing how this post can stir such emotion within! I've experienced the same, however mama is a bit more lets say NOT chillax. But, I have had that type of confrontation. I will try to dissolve it but if it gets beyond that. Let's just say I would go to jail for my kids. I mean a simple little throat punch wasn't ever lasting. you can recover, yk?
But, the Mr. Is usually right there by my side. Sometimes, I will let things go because it just isn't worth it. But, I choose my words wisely so that it doesn't come to blows but more degrading etc. Seriously, You call yourself a man? and you are acting like a 3 year old. These kids have more maturity than you. You are a prime example that you can sperm a child but not rear a child. Fine example and role model you turned out to be. NOW sit your FAT butt down and ZIP your CROTCH mouth! Oh by the way, what's the name of your Bishop again, hope you down choke on that sacrament bread? Yeah, I can get a bit testy. My biggest down flaw is my mind spins a mile a minute and my mouth spits it all out. Sometimes, i wish there were a delay.

Sarah Millington said...

Devri, I sense the rat-tail days showing through in this post.
You go, Woman!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Holy moly, what a pig he was! I do feel sorry for his wife! And for all the other wives there who had cowards for husbands who wouldn't stand up and defend you. What the heck is that!?

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

(Stands up...cheering for Devri!) Good for you! What a ginormous jerk! I'm so glad you stood up to him! And what's with all the other people not doing anything about it???!!! GRRRR.....

Sue said...

we are w.o.m.e.n
hear us roar!!

good job Dev♥

Cynthia said...

And I'd be right there, getting your back (or jumping on his and let me just say a fat woman could do some damage that way! LOL!) That makes ME mad too. I am so thankful that- although my spouse is a total teddy bear- he is also NFL sized and can at least appear menacing when needed. Good thing Maka WASN'T there or there certainly would have been blood (and I'm so proud you can handle yourself too!)

April said...

LOL! I love it!! I get super shaky too, but it's not because you're scared...its because you're mad! Way to go! I can't believe someone is that worked up over stupid soccer in elem. school!