Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The other day I saw on FB a shout out from Dani C Photography that they needed some more girls in their Model/giveaway search.. I thought to myself that I should enter my girls for fun just because we need a little happy and excitement in our lives. I thought that it wouldn't hurt anything and we could win some fun cute stuff.

So I entered... Then I uploaded all 7 of my kids photos and told her to choose one because I couldn't choose, it is not fair.

I got on her sight, and all 7 were in the contest, she replied back to me, that she was doing so, and all 7 were gorgeous.. lol of course (bias a bit)

Sooo the game was on.. Only not really a model search.. More of a how many people can you get to comment on your child's photo.. lol

So remind me never to do these again.. I know my children are bootiful.. I don't need a contest to remind me, but I am in it now, and can't back down....

So this post is to beg you if you have a fb account to help me out..

Step 1.

"like" Dani C Photography FB page.

Step 2.

Go to the category's (links) that say... 3-10 boys, 3-10 girl, 11-16 girls.. And click on your favorite girl.. (preferably one that has a last name of NAULU on it lol)

Remember you can only vote once in each category, and yes I have more than one in each.. I don't care who you vote for, just pick your favorite. ;)

Thanks, and if you feel like it spread the word, cuz I hate losing lol.

The end..


Update on Keilani...

She is getting stronger her walking is improving, and even though she is in pain, her spirit is looking more lively specially since being at home in her own home. We are still waiting for insurance to give the go on Surgery..

So we wait.. Thanks again for your continued prayers.. We feel them.

Ofa lahi atu

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Devri said...

Sorry about the spacing.. In edit, it is not spaced.. Dumb Blogger lol.

Julie said...

Glad Keilani is doing better. Hoping and praying for fast action from the insurance company. Hoping, also, for some happy things for you.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I did it Dev. You owe me big time. I never "like" anyone that I don't really know enough to like.

Jan said...

They will be famous someday.. every time I see their beautiful faces, I gasp :) but look at their mother < come on! Gorgeous

Going to vote..

Jan said...

Thanks for the update too.. goshers!

Jan said...

My 13 yr. old wants to be friends with your 13 yr. old..

Let's make this happen :)

Text, facebook?

I voted for all your gorgeous children too..

Motherboard said...

You should totally let your girls play with Jan's Maddie. She is a keeper. As are your gorgeous girls!

Good luck on the contest!

And, who do you need me to go kick butts to get your baby her surgery?

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

We love you Devri.