Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schools Out

(Does anyone else panic when they hear these words)

That means more mess, more meals, more (keepsake) papers from through out the year that will go in the trash, sneakily of course... #1 mom right here.

Yes, I have never saved one paper, one drawing, not one 100% your the greatest award.

Do people really save it all? I couldn't even imagine what our house would look like if it were cherished.

Yes, I am 100% prime evil, and I don't care.

My children will grow up and ask to see there stuff, really? I haven't once.

If they do, I will tell them it was all lost in the fire. What????? really, I am sure they burn paper after I dispose of it somewhere. sheesh.

I have too many children, I never give the teachers thank you presents, I hate my kids begging for them and saying everyone else is doing it. I figure taking my rug rats outa there class is thank you enough. Nuff said.

But with more mess, comes more cleaning, more meals, more dishes, more cleaning, more free spare time, thanks to lil babysitters.

What am I tryin to get at?

I suck at being a mom.

But hey we read scriptures, say prayers, try not to beat each other up..

That's what it is really about right?


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Cynthia said...

You are hilarious! It does mean more messes and more fun.

I usually look forward to not having to get up and get everyone ready in the mornings- except that life has changed a little around here. I am now the one who has to keep getting up and getting ready (working part time now). Sigh. This is the first summer since I started working again, it's going to be HARD in so many ways but not the ones I'm used to. Sigh again.

Saimi said...

I am SO looking forward to those words!! I've been working for the school district for 17 years and every year, even when I had the boys at home, LIVED to hear those very words.

The kids and I would embrace summer, enjoy every minute then sulk when it's time to go back..

We have a couple more weeks then it's HELLO SUMMER!!!

Beaker said...

You are NOT the worst mother (notby a long shot!)! You do what you need for your family, and forget what 'everyone else' is doing!!!

Marie Hatch Chambers said...

It is always a big transition. Sometimes I have a plan, this year I don't. That gives me a bit of fear. We have a week or two left but I don't know if I'll have a plan by then or not. Chores, meals, activities all change with the Summer. At least there's not much home work in the Summer.

Julie said...

Okay, my dear Devri, let's put this into perspective. Where have you been for the past at least month and a half? At your daughter's bedside and juggling it all including soccer games while she's been in severe pain. You are AMAZING!!! The papers don't matter. It's going to be the love your kids feel that radiates from you and what YOU do for them--what you sacrifice. Don't ever sell yourself short.

Oh, and get the kids to do the work. I have a notebook for each of my kids with page protectors in them. When they bring home something they want to save, I have them put it in their notebook. The day will come, when they're all in school (if that day ever comes), that I'll scrapbook them or (better yet) have them scrapbook them themselves.

We can't do it all. You've got the most important part down, girl, so don't stress it.

Baby Making Mama said...

Sooo funny!! I'm sure you're not alone! Pretty sure I do/will save too much crap, but when you have tons of kids like you do I can see how you wouldn't want to. But not ONE not ONE paper??? hahaha!!

You are too funny! Have a happy summer!!

PS: Have you really been to Tonga?

Garden of Egan said...

That's hilarious.
I'm glad to hear you being so honest. I was thinking that I was the only "worst" mom ever.

Never thought about using the "burned in the fire" excuse.

Ya, sorry about your summer being full of dirty towels and more cooking.
Think of the sleeping in though. AWESOME!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I save them for like a few seconds. Then in the trash. I need a filing cabinet. You would need 10 filing cabinets! WHO has room to file all that???


GIIIIRL!! I feel you! hahaha I have been dreading this day since April, and my kids are the same way. We need to get a gift for our teachers...blah blah blah...My mom keeps telling me to be positive and enjoy! It's hard tho!! hehe

Anonymous said...

We have resorted to taking a picture of the 'treasures' then trashing them. That way when we do the graduation party we can just make a photo wall of all the treasures throughout the years. I to do not look forward to the kids having one meal at school a's amazing how much they stuff down. But I do like being around them (and having built in babysitters is a plus!) Love You!

'Fitzy'- Fitzwater Family said...

yea you suck. hee hee Sorry, I cant resist!

Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

Just stopping in to say hello and had to comment here on this post! You are so funny. I agree papers can get so out of hand. And how to choose if you do save them? You are a wonderful mom because you stick to what you know is best for your sanity and your kids will love you for that! Hope you had a great summer and are enjoying the beginnings of fall. :)

Karina (Sydney) said...

You have a great sense of humor!