Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Ghosts Real?

No, I am serious. As I don't believe in spooky ookie, ghosts and goblins, I believe in spirits, good and bad.

I know their is the 3rd Godhead named the Holy Ghost. I also know that spirits are all around us. Proof?!


When we were in our old house, I heard laughing, and giggling. I had sent my children to bed, and had went into their room to settle them down. They were asleep. I heard it again, a little giggle. I was sure Lavi was fake sleeping, so I went next to her bed. Out cold was she.

I didn't think much into it, and as I was in the bathroom coloring my hair, I heard it again, this time I felt like she was right next to me, I turned to look, a little girl about age 4 with dark hair and looked a bit like Aanya was jumping rope in my hall way.

I didn't feel frightened, I felt like I wanted to join in. She blew a kiss to me, and she was gone. I went to bed wondering if she was the miscarriage I had had recently, or was she a girl yet to come down to our family. But I knew she was family.

Well, I know their are bad spirits down here too, I will not go into detail, (it eggs them on) but last night I felt their presence in our house late last night, Maka was not home, and to be honest I felt fear. Until I closed my eyes, prayed to my Father in Heaven to help Protect our family while our Priesthood was out. I finished my prayer, opened my eyes, and felt the pressure lift.

Why do I tell you these things? Well silly, you don't know by now?

Times are tough, and Satan knows in these last days he is gonna lose. He is trying with all his might to make people, families, fail.

Yup, even our family.

He has been trying and he will not succeed. I guarantee it! He has the power to bruise thy heal, but you have the power to crush him..

Go ahead...

I'm waiting, cuz he really is starting to get under my nerves. lol

Spiritual, not spiritual, religious, not. It doesn't matter. Every one know good v/evil....

And we all know.....


Onward Soldiers!


Yes, I am not guaranteeing a full force come back, but I guarantee I will write in here a bit more often. I miss writing in here, I just am manic with 7 kids running wild in my jungle. I know you understand.. Mwah for that.

The end.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

Yes I belive in spirts, Good and bad.
It's one of my spitual gifts to be abel to feel them see them and yes comunacate with them.

I am glad for these gifts and the knowledge that spitrs are all around us.

Yes it is wonderful that when those pestery bad spirts are around we can ask our heavenly Father to make them go away.

I cant wait to read more post i have missed you funny blogging.

tammy said...

I know they both exist. I've felt that feeling before of an evil presence and prayed for it to leave, too. My aunt saw her grandma shortly after she died. A friend who was a bishop at the time, saw a friend shortly after he'd died, who told him his wife needed him right then. My sister's kids had a dream about their dad in the same night, shortly after he'd died. We completely believe that he was visiting them based on what they said. And my cousin had an experience with an evil one, that I won't go into here. I think the veil is very thin.

Kristie said...

Here's a ghost from your past....Kaylyn and I were driving with our girls and she told me all about the time you were driving your bug and got pulled over...I won't say why - but I cracked up!!

Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

wow. Sounds sweet. The little girl I mean. My 5 yr old daughter saw a girl in our laundry room shortly after we moved here 2 years ago. She was so upset, more so surprised probably and wouldn't go in the laundry room alone for almost 6 months. From what she described and the way we felt we knew the veil was thin for her and that it was a good spirit. Life is precious and moments like that definitely remind us there is more to it then the dinner menu, or the budget etc etc.. Thanks for sharing. A great reminder for all.

Shaye said...

Devri, I'm trying to commit to writing once a week for 2012. I just had to check on all my old blogging buddies. I hope all is well your way. I'll be checking up on you here and there. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Found your blog via your miscarriage posting in 2010 I believe I am so sorry for your loss.
We lost our baby at about 1am this morning, I was just 2 days shy of 11 wks. It was horrible.
But this posting reminded me about 2 days into all of this last tues. or weds. night I awoke to creaking on our floor I KNEW someone a male evil presence was standing there looking at us, and had been while we slept. This isn't the first time in this house, husbands' cell charger got THROWN across the room about 10 feet! I've been tapped, and the prior tenants experienced many things too. I think this spirit is evil and wanted our baby, b/c that night I dreamt my uterus had exploded and the night before the baby died I dreamt of a buttery without wings, just the body part, it was in rainbow colors, and had the most beautiful feminine baby eyes. I then knew our baby would be gone the next day, or had possibly then and that was her spirit. God always prevails. :)