Friday, March 7, 2008

Miracles do happen!!!

"I can't believe my ears!" I told the doctor.

Maka had his big day today, and the doctor came out amazed. He said if he hadn't known better he would have thought Maka was a different person. He said Maka was clean and clear. No cancer. So now the thought process he explained was he was that he had been mistakenly diagnosed with cancer and never had it, or it miraculously disappeared. I am not a doctor, but tell me how in the world does someone diagnose someone with cancer with all the evidence to prove it, then turn around and change their minds? I really don't care how or what happened just know my own prayers have been answered and not for my sake, for some reason, heavenly father wants us to learn from this experience. People might look skeptically at this but I don't mind, as long as my husband is finally healthy. Funny thing is, they couldn't stop the bleeding but, it stopped on it's own, and then he just felt really good all of the sudden. He told me that he felt like he didn't need to do this today, and that he felt everything is going to be alright. Well I didn't believe him, but I do now. So I guess I should just step back and let my husband who is the priesthood in my house, let him lead, instead of doing what I do. He still has little spots in the colon, that maybe are scars or places of interest, so they are keeping him on the medication for 3 more months just to make sure. then they will recheck again, and if all goes good, We are done.

So you see, Miracles do happen!!!! I want to thank everybody who had fasted or prayed for my family. It definitely has been a trial for us in this past while, but we are a stronger family now, and we are defiantly blessed. thanks guys, love Devri

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Brenda said...

I don't blame you for going today though, even if he didn't feel it was necessary! I would need the peace of mind if it were Trevor! I'm so happy for you guys and I too believe in miracles!