Thursday, March 20, 2008

Showing off!!!

So I went to Aanya's gymnastics yesterday, and I could only spend 1 hour there, for that whole hour they did conditioning, I thought I was going to get some good photos to show her off, but I didn't even taking any, except for one time she was going to start a routine on bars, but then her coach told her to get down and go show someone how to do something. Bummer.

Keilani has been a princess for 8 years now, and then one day it just hit her, she said " mom I want to play soccer." I about fell down to the ground. I simply agreed and then thinking to my self, how in the world will I fit that into my schedule. Well yesterday was her first day of practice, lets just say "that girl may look like a princess, but she fights like a knight. " Now you all know me pretty well, so you know that I am pretty much a tom boy, but none of my girls have ever been interested in anything I have done. And you all know that I was pretty great at soccer. Well at practice everyone was afraid of Keilani, couldn't get the ball away from her, and boy you sure didn't want the ball when she was around. But the sad thing was and I was honestly pretty sad at this, she didn't know the rules, ways, or anything. When they were kicking in the ball (her team) she thought she had to "get that ball" so she was fighting EVERYONE even the ones on her team. So story short, there will be a bunch of lessons at the house, and when she learns, watch out world cup!!!!

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Howell Family said...

I have seen Nonners in a boxing match.. ok it was with the eye toy, but you should see her game face!

Cheryl Anne said...

LOL, that made me laugh. :) I'm sure my kids wouldn't know the first thing about the rules of soccor if it wasn't for gym class at school.

Keep trying for pictures of Aanya's gymnastics, I'd love to see them!

Howell Family said...

Check out my blog!