Friday, April 18, 2008

20 little reasons I love my husband

This is a shout out I am doing for my hubby, because he is the most awesome guy out there, and I want everyone to know what I know....

1. He came from Tonga, and speaks English very well, except his bananas are Pananas.

2. He is the most hard working man out there on this planet. Works 8pm to 8am, then
does his concrete business in the day time, and still has time for his family..

3. He makes sure that when he does has free time, he spends it with his tribe.

4. He has made sure that his children know their culture, and even supported me
in learning the language.

5. His children are his everything, to watch him with his children is the best, to
see the look on their faces as daddy plays with them, or to see Maka's face
show the love for them, is priceless.

6. He is not afraid to cut 140 little fingers and toes...

7. While I was in labor, he even cut my toes for me, so when it came time for
pushing, me and him wouldn't be embarrass to have the midwife see my poor
ignored feet.

8. He is a very soft spoken man, but run away, when the Tongan starts flying out of
his mouth...

9. He loves his Heavenly Father and lives a worthy life.

10. He is the baby of the family, and he loves and respects his parents.

11. Once he was coming home from California, and I thought he was going to fall
asleep he called me and we talked for 8 hours straight, it has been one of the
best times that we were "together"

12. He is my best friend, and my eternal companion.

13. He once said that he wanted 10 children, (I think we are well on our way):}

14. He is faithful on doing Family Home Evening, family scriptures, and family

15. His favorite food is ho'osi,puaka,moe sipi,kuli (horse,pig,lamb,and dog.)

16. He is a great interior decorator, shhhh don't tell.

17. and has great taste in clothes, he loves to go shopping for clothes for me and
the kids. shhhh

18. He would give his shirt off his back for those who needed it.

19. He loves my family as if they were his own.

20. He is one handsome man...... ofa atu....

4 coments:

Howell Family said...

Maka, Devri has given you a great tribute. You should take her out or do something nice for her. I hear she likes peace and quite. :) Thanks for being a great companion for my only sister.

Mia said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband. It is obvious that you love each other very much, you are lucky to have each other.

Kristie said...

The only thing I don't like about your list is that you did it before I I would look like a copy cat! Isn't it great to get the good guy?

Jessie said...

I can tell you are such a happy family! I love visiting your blog. What a sweet tribute to your husband.