Thursday, April 17, 2008


We have a lot to be thankful at this house-----

1. an update on Mohekonokono, he had tests at the hospital today, yesterday his levels went back up, so they want to know why. He is home, and still on the bed and the blanket but he is a eater, and has gained 1 lb 7 ounces already in a week.

2. Thankful for my mother who definatly deserves a vacation after coming to my house for a week and helping with the children. ps she is the one on the couch, don't hate on me, it was the only one I had of her....

3. for my friend who has just came back from Tonga, who took this photo of my sister-in-law who I have never seen, only heard... I couldn't believe how much she looks like my 7 year old, Katalina .. wouldn't you agree.?????

4. I am thankful for my friend Henalea, who was so nice to take my children for the day except Konokono,of course.. Only problem, is that I was suppose to rest, but how does one rest without the noise of 6 children in the home.??? so I just cleaned, and nursed..... thanks

3 coments:

Spiffy Smiffs said...

Look at thate CUTIE!!! He's is totally gaining weight, that is wonderful!

Mia said...

So good to hear that his levels have gone up. Glad that you enjoyed a little time to yourself yesterday.

Brenda said...

He's a handsome little guy!