Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seven kids fighting over six twinkies

I wake up, or should I say got up, to kids fighting, fighting, and more fighting, it is not so bad, when you have 2, or 3 but come on, I have 7. Went to the Aanya's 6Th grade graduation, more fighting (the boys), That had happened till about noon.

then we went to the doctor for my foot and I realized that I locked ourselves out of the house. No diapers, no money, boy was I in trouble. Maka was working about an hour away, no gas, what was I going to do..... I went to grandma's... begged for 20 dollars, went and bought diapers...fed my kids at grandma's.... could be worse.

I could have no grammy around to save my butt!!

fighting fighting and more fighting! The last straw was when they all decided to go sneak a snack, I hear more yelling I came down and what did I see? 7 children literally fighting over 6 Twinkies!!
don't worry all electronics are on hold till I get back! Have fun daddy! bwa ha ha

Summer started t-minus a half a day ago, that means..................

Selling ALL CHILDREN!!!!

(PS. for those psycho freaks out there, I am not really! k jokes!)

Now excuse me, I am off to go the the first Annual Casual Bloggers Confrence!!!

First time with out children and hubby in over 13 years..

This should a be fun, exciting, nerve racking, stressful event!!!

Can't Wait!

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