Monday, May 26, 2008

Holy Moly!!!

I really don't know where to begin, there has been so much going on in our lives. with 7 children, you probably already knew that, didn't ya's. I will just start with what I can remember first...

Our lovely deposit from the good old treasury.. Let's just say we got enough for our needs.:} Thanks Pres. Bush.. We were getting a tramp for our kids on the Craigslist but it fell through, so with our money we have bought the kids a new 16" Trampoline. We have still failed to put the enclosure and accessories on it, maybe it will be all together by July.. The Short Story, Maka called brother, brother came with friend, even Elaiasi helped try to put this together, finally after 1 hour,or more :}, they had me and the children help. They put it together upside down which obviously, was the wrong way, but we got it together by nightfall, and the kids are having a blast, now if it would just get warm again so we all can sleep on it too.

Next we had 3 end of the school programs, on the same day, all at the same time... boy oh boy, some people have called me amazing before, but this breaks the camels back, I thought I was going to have a nervous break down before that day, but it worked it self out in the end. Maka went to one, I went to the other, then I drove 20 minutes away, so I could watch the last few minutes of the other... But stop what your thinkin' right there.... I wasn't amazing, Aanya forgot the Cd, that she was suppose to take to school, so I was going to drop it off on my way to lavi's program, but as I got there, I handed another Cd to my friend, and thought to my self Oh *_*_*_, I then begged and pleaded with my friend to drive down there to give it to Aanya so she could do the program. Thanks Misty.... Then I was taking photos of Lavi's program, during the middle I ran over to catch Leila's, to get a few snapshots of hers, and hers was already finished. So then I ran back to Lavi's and finished watching hers, ran to Aanya's program, and as she was singing, I went to take a photo, and Snap, oh *_*_ again, the batteries went dead, never mind that I reminded myself to change the batteries the night before.. So sorry no photos of it, that wouldn't be fair to the other two... right? So up there is some ones of there water day, and other random photos.

Then there's the house issue. One day it will be hot, the next cold, so I refuse to put away the winter, only problem is that they have way to many clothes to have out both seasons.. This week was the week, I dove in an did the duty, 1. get out bins of all the clothes. 2. Get the summer out of the bins. 3. go through and pull down all the winter out of closets and dressers. 4. keep summer in room. 5. put away winter..
Now imagine that photo times 9,it was like that in every room for about a week, yea well you get the point.. I officially think someone better take me to the loony bin, before I strangle one of heavenly Father's children,they did not help the situation, but there kids right?

Funny sayings at my house this week--

Devri- What are you doing? (As we are on the phone, my sister and I)

Chelsea- I am up to my eyeballs in Laundry.

Devri_ What, What did you say? Your up eating your eyeballs cuz your Hungry?


Keilani- I am so glad school is out. I feel like a prisoner there..

Mom- Well when school is out your going to be my prisoner, have you seen the house?

Keilani- Can I go to summer school?

Lavi- Mom I haven't seen Aanya all day today.

Mom- You haven't, well maybe she's invisible.

Lavi- MooooM- Nobody is inbibible except da Holy dhost!!!!

Sorry this was horribly written. Word of advice to myself, don't post when you can barely keep your eyes open.

till we meet again...

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Howell Family said...

Yes, i am up at 2:00am reading your blog. Mom almost made it up with me but she conked out. Fun life you live!

samiam said...

lol You are always so busy! Just when I think that I am sooo busy, I read your post and realize I have it easy with 1! =)

palmtree8 said...

I didn't know you were really a tribe. Good gravy, I have no reason to complain. You are at the top of my moma list. First you are allow to vent then me. So hurry up and post another so I can release. BTW you have a beautiful family:)

The Bennetts said...

Good purchase, I bet your kids are so excited. What a fun thing for the summer. Honestly how do you keep up with 7 kids. I can barely keep up with 3!!!

MiaKatia said...

You rock!! Love the trampoline. I remember sleeping on the trampoline a time or two when I was younger it is such a fun summer thing to do.