Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OK I have been putting my blog for all to see, and that is OK with me, but recently there has been a few "paranoia mom syndrome" on a couple of things that has caught my attention, I will not mention those things, that would be rude, but like children need boundaries,I feel my blog needs them also.


1. At my house we take off our shoes when we go in the house, When you enter my blog, please leave all your dirt outside my blog, I do not want foul language, spam, or any type of virus..jk (can you even get a virus from a comment? maybe a dirty one:}).

2. You must relax and pretend you are on a Island, reading a good book.. I said a good book, don't laugh....

3. You have to like everything that I write down, no ifs, ands, or butts, not even big ones. lol :}

4. You must ignore all my typo's, miss spelled words, and any other English that I could screw up. ( remember I hang out with 4 preschoolers all day long.)

5. When I ask you not to pay attention to a part of a photo. DON'T zoom in to see that part. Hellooooo

6. You must tell me how wonderful I am, or what a good mother I am, even if you disagree, it's OK to tell a white lie, specially in these circumstances.:}

7. You MUST tell me if I have something wrong with me, like today I had a piece of pepper in my teeth, and NOBODY told me, OK, that didn't have to do with my blog, really, but come on people who's your friend-

8. You must adore my children, drool over their photos, and wish you could babysit them.. ( I had to try.....we don't have any good ones yet..alright we don't have any)

9. If your a stalker, and you look at my blog daily or twice a day you must leave a comment(good or bad I don't really care)but you MUST leave a comment, I need to know that you are not going to come kill us all.( your starting to freak me out, I am a mother of 7, don't need the extra stress. Deal?

10. Leave my blog feeling good about yourself, and my blog :}

Update-- Chelsea my sister just called me and told me, I can't believe you put that stuff on there, now no body's going to comment. Let me rephrase #9. If I know you, you do not have to leave a comment, but If I don't know you, you should, if you would rather not, and you visit my blog more than often, then just don't be shocked when I do find out who you are and a Tongan tribe shows up at your door, cuz, have you heard,"if your not afraid of the Man be afraid of the CLAN". :} lol not really!!

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Kristen said...

Good rules! I do check your blog daily and rarely leave a comment. I promise I am not stalking, just curious as to how you deal with all of those kids on a day to day basis. And you are a GREAT mom--HONEST!

Mia said...

This was hilarious! I love the rules and I comment so I hope I don't freak you out.

The Bennetts said...

Love the rules!!! I think you are one of the best bloggers out there. You are so sweet to always leave a comment. Your little baby is getting so big. What a cutie.

Becky said...

hahaha, you're a wonderful, super sexy, fun-loving, hot mama! Okay, I'm writing everything that I need to hear these days as I gaze at my bulging belly, and stare at my very glazed tired eyes. :) Love you're rules, gal! And I drool over your kids. They have skin that is so gorgeous! I'm a total whitee!

Brenda said...

LOL! The word verification should take care of spam comments. But your daughters are so pretty that you may want to consider doing a private, invite only blog! Just as long as you invite me!

samiam said...

I admit I check out your Blog too, I am a Friend of a friend. You are an amazing Mom with all of those Cute kids of yours!

***Tim and Kami*** said...

Tim and I will watch your kids!
We sure do miss the Naulu family. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

The Peels

Kristie said...

'I was here'
Love, Kristie!

palmtree8 said...

Okay Girl, I will stick to to rules. If I look I will post. You certainly have your hands full and I will not judge your grammer, on the other hand you have to keep the funny humor comming...and can't I drop the bomb every once in a while *#@%^%!
A woman has to let loose at some point!

Amy said...

You are too funny Devri! I wish I had gotten to know you better when we worked together at Alpha. Keep up the entertaining blogs!!

Amy said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and really leaving a comment...LOVE IT! Your children are BEAUTIFUL. I will visit more often! BTW...How did you find me?