Friday, May 30, 2008

My nightmare!!

My husband bought me these beauties for mothers day a couple of years ago.. They have been the best thing I have ever received, when you have a family of nine, you shouldn't live with out them. Now everyone has a washer and dryer, but these puppies can do up to 15 large towels at a time, so it's not about who has one, it's about who has what:} I didn't get on here to brag about my washer and dryer, OK so what maybe I did, but this is not the only time where the biggest is the best!!

I hate to do laundry, even with my wonderful Whirlpool duet, I can't ever seem to keep up on laundry. I can load the beautiful things, but I have a issue folding them.

I have tried a number of ways to do laundry that would make it easier on me, but the outcome has always been the same, so I am trying out a new way, this week here is how it goes.

Monday- aanya's hamper

Tuesday- Keilani and Katalina's hamper

Wed- Lavi and Leila's hamper

Thurs- Elaiasi and Kono's hamper

Friday- Mom and dad

Saturday- Bedding, and towels

The kids on their day take their hamper down to the laundry room, I wash and dry, and then it goes back in the hamper up to their room, and CHILDREN, fold and put their own clothes away... I love it so far, and although I am doing it still everyday but Sunday, It is a little more organized this way.. Now the only problem is-- what happens if I forget to do laundry one day.. then what? Poop!! It never ends.

Just a note-

For those who wish a Whirlpool Duet, let me forewarn you all, they are wonderful, but come with a drawback, let me explain--

I was doing laundry one day, Keilani wanted me to wash her soccer uniform for a game that latter day. I put two socks, shorts, and a shirt in the washing machine, there was nothing else in the machine, besides a couple of towels... When I went to get out the clothes to put in the dryer, only two towels, 2 socks,and shorts, came out..
Where in the world did the soccer shirt go? I thought maybe I just thought I washed it, and really didn't, looked in her room, in the bathroom, laundry room, car, and everywhere in the house, to this day, there is still no shirt, I have heard of people saying there is a sock monster living in their dryer, but come on, a shirt? I wonder what kind of thing is living in mine??

OK this kind of in a weird way,(get it, laundry, clothes,) goes with my blog so I am giving a shout out to my new friend Amy. She is giving a free homemade apron if you comment on her blog. So go check her out here. (boy, see what children, and summer do to us folks, makes us desperate for a friend or two...:}

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Amy said...

I also have the big washer and dryers. I don't know how I did it before! I also HATE laundry! I am also impressed with your monster you created. Was it just for this post or somekind of wacky science fair project? You go girl... you are a monster creater!

Becca said...

Those look nice!

Howell Family said...

You are funny as heck! Good luck on the schedule... I seem to fail at laundry. Why can't everyone just go naked?

samiam said...

I hate laundry too! I too am really good at washing them and then loading those babies into the dryer. After that I am done. Folding stinks and putting them away, NOT Even on the to-do list! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! P.S. Those are giant machines!

MiaKatia said...

My sweet hubby just put away a pile of laundry that had been neatly stacked on his night stand for 2 weeks! I guess he got tired of searching for his alarm clock.

Amy said... and your awesome wahing/drying machines are entered for a double... Good luck on tomorrow's laundry...

Suzanne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for the kind words about my totes. Your family is beautiful. I, too, am a mother of seven so I can really relate to this post! With all my kids grown and out of the house, my laundry days are much different now. Wish I'd had a washer and dryer like yours 15 years ago!

Alice Wills Gold said...

So, did you ever find the shirt, or did she end up wearing her brother's?

Love the monster...did you make that, or did you assign the kiddos?

Oh, laundry is my nightmare too....if you search the word laundry on my blog, you will see what I am talking about.