Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shout outa ya alls Giveaway!!!!

Here is some more fun-

Angie from Leaping thru life- is doing this great giveaway- she is giving all her brand new Avon kit away- go here now.. (maybe she just might through in some tips as well).

Misty from Misty,Todd, Tristan- is giving away Sentsy candles- I love these and have been meaning to buy some for awhile now, in fact I keep telling her, but you all know me- I can't even keep my kids names straight!!! Go here now..

Just a side note: My great friend Misty shouted my blog and website layout, but it is not completed just yet!! It is amazinly differen't than the rest so keep checkin' back to see when it comes out!!!! ( of course, I am bias- it's my website)!!!

3 coments:

Misty said...

Yay for Devri! Good luck!

tammy said...

Don't you love all these blog contests? I seriously need to have one.

Angie said...

Thanks more than a bunch for the shout out!! You are awesome!