Friday, October 24, 2008

Man- where is time going?

Mohekonokono is already 6 months old. He is getting so big. Someone asked me if he was walking yet? uhmmmm I didn't think he was that big...

He is 19.12 lbs.. It's funny, you wouldn't think he is that heavy, but I guess you throw the Tongan bones in with it.. I about die whenever I have to carry him around in the carrier...

Some things he does-

He can sit up,

He can roll everywhere- (note to mom, STOP putting him on the bed, cuz he IS going to fall off again).

He has 2 teeth.

He still wont take a bottle.

He absolutely loves food.. ( And no we do NOT evah give him real food) I would NEVAH do that.. ;0)

He can get up on all fours. He has only done it on accident, but we all know what accidents lead to right!!!!!

He loves to jump, and play peek boo, and loves to be scared...

I probably left things off, but for my record I will add more when it comes to mind.

Ok have you evah felt like nothing can go right?

Yesterday was a day from double hockey sticks!!!

Not to mention that we had 5 parent teacher conferences, and hubby had a job to be done that he is under contract for, so I did them all by myself..

You ask why that is poor Devri,

Let me explain.

Ok we had a Halloween party last night, well me, being the procrastinator that I am not, I did not wait till the till the last day to make the costumes that needed to be made.

Well, I thought I'd have a husband so no worries, I can make 2 tutus, and a fairy costume and wings in a day right?

Woke up, got kids off to school, came home got little ones ready, went to 1st parent teacher conference, came home got husbands paperwork half done.

Went to second PTC, came home and made lunch, hurried and made them eat it in the car, went to Leila's dentist appointment, went to another ptc.

Still haven't made costume.

came home 3:30

Started on the costumes 4:30-5:25 still working on them.

5:30 went to another ptc

5:40 ran home to work on costume

6:00 ran to another ptc

ran home to work,

6:30 went to another ptc, and came home and got the kids ready, out the door @7:10

(party started at 7:00, and we live 30 minutes away)

So I am a failure, I felt crappy, I promise I kept my cool,(for the most part).

You have to know this-

Aanya's 5th grade rotate class rooms each day.

At her ptc, her teacher told me that she was a leader, smart, and beautiful, Nothing I didn't know already.

But what I didn't know---

Aanya's teacher told me that during rotations, the whole 5th grade rotates to Aanya's class room, and she told me when each class room comes in, each time the boys run for Aanya's seat, and fight over it.

OH my Geepers!!!!! What am I in for?!!!!!!!!

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Diaper Diva said...

They do grow up way to fast.You are brave to even make costumes. I watch for sales and buy costumes when they are $4.00-$10.00. Disney always has an early deal. Clearence from last year. What a fabulous girl you have there and you are ging to be busy with all of them,they are all beautiful!!

Vanessa said...

And I thought being at the book fair all night was bad. Hang in there.

Sorry didn't get back to you about today. Any day next week I'm free.

rachel said...

My baby never took a bottle was the longest year of my life, but I cherished every moment of it. I don't know how you juggle it all...I have my plate full with just the two!

Steph said...

Yes, mine are also growing up too fast!
Costumes? You at least make them! I get the hand me downs. :)
Your baby and my baby are the same size and mine is 15 months old! :) How funny is that? At her 15 month appt. she was 19.6 lbs. 3 days ago.
And I hate least mine are usually scheduled 15 minutes after the other. No running back and forth! Lots of running anyway...always!

Pineapple Princess said...

And you have time to blog? Amazing.

The babies might be growing fast, but you are recording so many fun details. Good work!

Shauna said...

What adorable kids :)

Becky said...

you rock. I'd have had a nervous breakdown by then. Your sweetie is just adorable!!! I mean all of them, of course. Hey, Lissie is 18 lbs 15 oz as of 2 weeks ago, so I feel your pain!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOWAM! YOU Amaze me! I couldn't sew the first thing for a costume! ROCK On MOMMA!

tammy said...

Oh 'what are you in for' is right! That is funny. And holy crazy day! I thought I was the only one running around like that.

this is it said...

My little girl is 6 months and 21 pounds so does that make her really really fat? She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen...

You remind me of my cousin and her family over at

Brittany said...

what a cute post! and hey, i couldn't find the cd with those photos (which is why i didn't post one) but it was one just like my blog's header photo at teh top of the page...

Mrs. Morty said...

Six months already!! I can't believe how fast kids grow up. It makes me so sad in some ways.

Renee said...

Your children are so beautiful.

gigi said...

Hi, nice to meet ya! I'm Gigi. I don't know how I got here but I'm glad I came and you have a beautiful baby and family. I'll be back. Have a blessed day!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Man, our girls grow too fast, don't they?