Friday, November 7, 2008


I am still going through our old photos and I came across some I want to share..

I am not excited for Winter folks, I use to love it... What happened?

Me, 1996

Was it the snow, the ice, the shoes? I am confused..

I hate the snow, I hate the ice, and I defiantly hate shoes!!!

Is it because I married a F.O.B? (Fresh off dah Boat?)

I wish I lived in Tonga right now...


Christmas is upon us, not quite yet, but it is everywhere, on the radio, in the stores, and yes for you crazy's, on your blogs..

Everyone has traditions, ours is to get out Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving. I actually love to see everyones Christmas, so I decided to ask you this-

Do you as a family, wake up and rip into the presents? Or do you, eat breakfast first, get dressed? Or do you open in your jammies?

I just remembered our good ol' days--

(Aanya 1998)

WE woke up and got the Children ready, hair done, and their Sunday best so when we went to take the pictures, they wouldn't look like I didn't take care of them...

Want to see it now?
(Elaiasi 2007)

Yep, I offically don't care anymore. I am a loser. I am lazy, but most of all, I just let them have the time of their life.

What about you?

Was I the only one on this?

Aanya is turning into a wonderful Hula Girl. She has been doing it for evah... I found this and wanted to show this off, she was 4, and having the time of her life.>

Remember this post? watch it again.. why? cuz I am too lazy to wait for bloggers video to upload...

People wonder how do my kids get such long hair?

(me and Maka 1996)

Any Questions

And for the finally-

Don't ya just love some B_U_T_T?

22 coments:

Jan said...

Such a cute hula girl. I love it. Great pics. Love the buff swimming time.

The Mom said...

I cannot believe you got dressed for Christmas morning! We get up at 6:00 and I try to at least brush my teeth before we attack the presents. And we stay in our pajamas ALL day! It's great!

Diaper Diva said...

I actually like the snow. I don't live in it, though I used to. I am not completely crazy. No dressing up for Chritmas morning and we meet for family prayer and then let em have at it.

Kristen said...

Christmas Eve we let them open one present--new pajamas. Then they head off to bed for sweet dreams. In the morning we meet for family prayer before we head to the Christmas tree and we all go together. Traditionally our kids get 3 gifts from Santa. Baby Jesus got 3, so do they.

hoLLy said...

i have never heard of anyone getting dressed up and eating breakfast before opening presents! we are a wake up-- rip em open- family over here! i thought thats how it was done everywhere!Christmas Eve is where we sit down and do a Christmas FHE, read the story of Christ's birth, make santa cookies, and let them open their gifts from us(one each). then santa comes that night and they are surprised with a bunch of presents and off they go tearin away!

chantal said...

we get up as soon as the kids wake up, open gifts,and go back to bed afterwards while the kids play.Of course we video the gift opening. And take pictures. But we both need our sleep since our family party on christmas night is exhausting. I have never gotten the kids dressed up before opening gifts. We don't even brush our teeth or eat first. We're lazy!
I'm from Canada so I am used to snow-and I hate the cold! In North Carolina where we are it does not snow. Sometimes I miss it.

Kristina P. said...

Love the baby bums! And I hate the snow.

Sher said...

I don't think Christmas would be Christmas without opening presents in our jammies.
Only since I've been a Mom, do I get up and shower before the kids wake up. (They're still little enough not to wake up at the crack of dawn)
These are really cute pics of your fam!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Wow your little girl can do some serious short pois for her age!!! Watch out PCC here comes Aanya!

And to answer your Q... we don't open our presents on Christmas morning. We put the kids to bed early and then wake them at 11pm on Christmas Eve because Santa stops at our house first! That way mommy and daddy can sleep in!!! That's a tradition from my family. I've never known it any other way.

Renee said...

We rip right in!

Pineapple Princess said...

prayer then presents with bad breath and bed head. i know no other way.

Holly H. said...

Love that little butt! And don't be a hater on the snow. You would miss it if you didn't have it. I know it gets annoying around the middle of January, but I think it would be sad not having snow. :)

Kerri said...

Is that Anya in the picture with the ringlests and the baby doll? How cute! Look at it this way: You'v ebecome a better Mom, because you learned to just let go of the perfection and let them have their excitement! We do presents first thing, because the poor things have been waiting long enough! Don't you rermber the excitement of laying in bed so excited you could hardly stand it? This year I'm starting the tradition of new jammies. That's the one gift they will get to open up on Christmas Eve. Then they will look cute for their pictures.

Kritta22 said...

I love your pictures! You learn so much from pictures! Thanks for stopping by my site! I love your comments. Your family is beautiful.
We have always ripped oppen our presents at like 5 in the morning...picked up the put the turkey in and we will went back to bed!!
I can't believe you used to dress everyone! That's sooooo not happening!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Your blog is way cool!!! How did I miss you until now. I glanced over at your followers and a lot of them are my blog pals so how is it that I missed you this whole time? Well, I'm glad you stumbled on mine which made me me come over here.

We're too excited to open presents Christmas morning nobody cares about looking great for the pictures :-)

I love the hula picture! I had hula lessons when I was a kid ---a million years ago :-) Actually I love all the photos on your blog. Your kids are gorgeous!

Wendy said...

What cute photos!

Tara D said...

Holly said it right, we just ripped right into the presents (of course, we did have to wait until my dad got the camcorder ready to record). But sometimes I wished I'd at least brushed my hair, I look pretty crazy in most of those Christmas videos. lol

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I love this post! There's too much for me to comment on so I'll just have to say I loved it! ALL of it! Yep, I do!
And Christmas morning! Since there are no little ones living at my house any more, the older boys want to have Christmas the night before! So, Christmas morning we get up and the grown kids and grand kids come and open presents. Last year I took most of the gifts to the grand kids house and watched them open them on Christmas eve. Christmas morning the older kids come with the little kids and we eat and then open gifts from each other and then they leave and go about their way to visit the rest of the family. I am not sure how it will be this year!

Bonny said...

It was funny to see a comment on my blog from you. I'm used to looking at your blog, but didn't expect you to see mine :) My DD (the one with the fake leg-he he) did have black pants with a stripe underneath her dress because we mistakenly expected a cold night. So funny that you thought that. I didn't see it, but then again, I was there.

You have such cute kids with long hair. Mine have short baby hair and it drives me nuts. Oh, and we ALWAYS open presents first thing in our jammies. We usually have new ones we opened on Christmas Eve. Then we have a special breakfast after presents.

Family said...

I can't believe you are my sister and I didn't know that you were a snow boarder! Duh! Did you know I wake board? Can you believe those 2 naky chickaroo's are going to be 11 this year?

Family said...

by the way james and I still disagree about christmas morn.

Misty said...

Love old pics and I can't blame you for wanting to be somewhere warm during this dreadful season. Love the hula girl!