Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Memory

Were just getting ready to go to the good ol' Docs,

During Christmas time my husbands work had a Christmas party, yes, they were all laid off at the time, but that is how the work afforded I guess.

They were giving away 7 42 flat screens, a million Itouches, and a trillion 100 dollar gift cards, Wii's, Play stations, etc..

It was in a huge building, where there was ice skating, pool, party, dancing, dinner. I love going there, watching the Tongans Ice Skate,

Is to DIE for.

I did not bring my camera, but I wish I did fo sho!!!

At the end of the night they were doing BINGO for gift cards..

We all started out playing, we had to teach the Tongans how to play. It was fun.. FUN... have you ever played? If you know, then you know how FUN it was.....

Good times.

The men gave up after a few times, really no one won, and the Tongan tempers started coming out, so they left and went to go play pool.

Us Women stayed.. NO one from our table won that whole stinkin' night.

Here is what I know about Bingo.....

1. Never ever ever play with a room full of drunk people.

2. Have Tongan woman sit beside you to make your night.

3. I have a temper like a Tongan.

4. Changing your bingo card each time you lose, will not up your chances.

5. I have NO LUCK!!!!!!

It literally took me a good 10 minutes after leaving that room to cool off, the men laughed all the way home.

Bingo is not for me,

Yeah! I got me some skillz..

Just no bleepin' luck...

During the giveaways for all the goods, everyone walked away with something, every person at our table.

Just not us.

The only thing that we walked away with was a 100 dollar Visa Gift card.

Yippee!! You say I am lucky?

It was Skillz... let me explain..

They passed a dollar bill around the table, my husband wouldn't take it, the music, ended, I had it in my dumb hand.

They made those people with the bill stand up.

What? I am a shy girl? I can't stand up in front of 450 people!!!!

They made me.. I was as red as my shirt...

Then they made us sit in the front of the room, and bring a chair....

What!? NO Way...

My husband was sooo nice and took my chair up their for me, as he was dragging me by my feet.

As I was sitting there with about 60 people up at the front of the huge room, they announced that they were going to give a 100 dollars away..

I started listening.

They said that we were going to play survivor...

My table told each other, that I would win...

They would call out an item, we had to run around the room to find an item from someone, and run back, they would take chairs away while we were out, so each time the number would go down.

Their was 3 people left, a lady, a man, and little ol' me.

They announced to grab some toilet paper.

I felt a push.... Did that man just push me back down into my seat... OH NO!!!

It was on....

I ran, all the way to the back, pushed him back, yep, don't mess with me!!
Cuz you will get all messy!!!!!

Sat down first,
thank you.

Then two were left, me and the lady.


I jumped up ran over to the only Santa hat in the entire room. One of our Tongans in our group grabbed that dumb hat, put it in his shirt...

What was I to do? I punched him too.

Ran back, sat down, grabbed my gift card, red faced and all.

I was the dork of the party once again..

Skillz, I tell ya, no luck,


18 coments:

Kerri said...

I definitely need someof your skills! That's hilarious!

::Jan:: said...

Funny. I never ever have done that before. Sounds like I need to go with you though. I'd have fun.

susette said...

Wow! Are you still in one piece? Did you have any sweet bruises to show for all the fun?

Kristina P. said...

You are awesome!

And I will meet you one day!

Melissa P said...

I love your stories. Hope everything goes good at the doc.

Kristen said...

I won BINGO on our first/only cruise. I won $100 and used it to buy a watch/bracelet set so I could always remember.
Well, I lost the watch but I still have the bracelet and my memories!

rachel said...

Way to go! You have sweet skillz :)

gigi said...

I would have been all over that one too. Sorry yall didn't win the Big screen TV, now that would have been sweet!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Found you from Kristen's blog. Thought I would say hello other than just stalk! Funny bingo story. My mom is ADDICTED to bingo. She always thinks she's going to be the big winner.

Anyway.... hope you get good news at the doctor's today. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

MiaKatia said...

That is too funny. I can't believe you punched the guy for his Santa hat. Ohhh I take it back I can totally see you doing that! You are too fun ;)


Alls fair in love and war(bingo) right?!!!!

Suzanne said...

I would have been grossly disappointed if you hadn't gotten that gift card. Amazing!

palmtree8 said...

My prayers are with you and thanks for thinking of me in my little cubical. Just send me a pix of something Tongan and I will print it out

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Oh, my you are cracking me up! I want to go with you to one of these parties!

Kaci-Ellyphant said...


Renee said...

Oh how I wish there was some video of that!!!

Valorie said...

Do you know what it means to have a hip war? I am from a family of mostly girls and a dad who thinks he's got hips. Do you remember Daddy-daughter dates? Well the dad's were playing musical chairs for the grand prize of a homemade chocolate cake and it was down to dad and another one. The music stopped and my dad cocked his hip and swung and dropped right into that chair and won that chocolate cake (made by me of know how good it makes a girl to know her dad has done major battle to get that chocolate cake she made?). You are dang funny, thanks for the memories! You tell Maka that we are all out here pulling for him and we love you guys!

Mother Goose said...

love it! love your spice!!!