Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stand for Truth and Righteousness

I am writing this late today, sorry.

President Boyd K. Packer recently emphasized this guiding principle:" However out of step we may seem, however much the standards are belittled, however much others yield, we will not yield, we cannot yield." (Ensign May 2008, go here to read the whole article)

Our world today comes at a time, where us as Latter Day Saints need to hold fast, strong, with courage to Stand for Truth and Righteousness.

I had an experience the other day that I want to share with you, I can't believe it came out of my mouth, but I am glad it did.

We were at the store the other day, I noticed while waiting in line that a topic among the shoppers heating up. I couldn't ignore it, I was right in the middle of all of them. I was shocked that here in happyville, this was going on.

A lady turned to me, and said.

"I don't mean to be rude but, I can see your farmer underwear."

She was right, I was holding baby, a son tugging at my shirt, and my sleeve was showing my shoulder and all.

I thanked her, and then she went on to say...

" Why do you sit there in silence when you know what is being said about your religion?"

" I really don't have anything to say, I know what is right, and I will never change the way you all think."

I wanted the line to go into hyper drive. I couldn't get out of it. I felt horrible, my children listening to all of it.

All of the sudden a man, out of the blue questions me..

I simply stated what the church has taught us. "Stand for Truth and Righteousness"

I let them kindly know that how I felt on the subject, I knew I would not change their opinions of me or the church, but I was not going to give in.

I felt attacked, my children felt it too, I was not scared, I had the power of knowledge, and that is all I needed.

I said a prayer in my heart to be able to do what was right.. I really wanted to get the boxing gloves out, but knew that wasn't going to accomplish anything.

This is what I did..

I bore my Testimony. Yep, in front of everyone, in front of my kids.

Do you want to know what they did?

They got into another line..

Yippee, now I can get home faster.

I think this world has come to this.

You can not walk the line. You are either on one side or the other, you cannot be a line jumper, or you are going to get tripped and fall.

Stay strong, stay true.

Remember the Young Woman Value..

Stand for Truth and Righteousness.

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. We will "stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places" (Mosiah 18:9) as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are:


Divine Nature

Individual Worth

Choice and Accountability

Good Works


and Virtue.

We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation

I hope this week I can be stronger, I pray that I can resist temptation. I will strive to live the Values we have been taught..

How about you? Are you with me!!

Have a great week everyone.

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tammy said...

Good for you. I can never think of the perfect thing to say in any confrontation until later. Did they really all change lanes?

Oh and email me your address so I can send your gift to you one of these days.

rachel said...

Powerful post Devri. What an opportunity for you. You are my hero bearing testimony right there in the line. You are so right. The time is come where there is no wishy washy. It's one side or the other and we do have to stand for truth and righteousness wherever we are. You are such an awesome example-good for you!

Juli said...

Awesome post!! I wish I had the courage to do something like that! You are so inspirational!! Next time I'm in a situation like that I am going to think of your post and do the right thing!! Thanks for sharing!! You're my favorite!

Kristina P. said...

Wow! How crazy! Did this happen in Utah? You would think you wouldn't encounter that thing as much here, but you handled it amazingly.

I'm sure that's something your kids will remember too.

Melissa said...

You are amazing. I don't know what I would have done. It is scary what the world is coming to. You handled that so awesome. They always say no one can argue with your testimony cause it is yours.

Alice Wills Gold said... are always such a good example to the rest of us..thank you...I needed to hear this today.

The time is at hand to declare which side we are on...there is no getting around it anymore.

I will proudly stand with YOU!!!

Mother Goose said...

i love it. i was met with contention and a bit of yelling and then finally I just bore my testimony of Christ and the storm was calmed. I ended with a challenge. This person was trying to tell me what I believe. He was YOU believe this, you believe this.
I said, let me share with you what I believe and before we discuss anything any further. You read the Book of Mormon and then we can talk. Until, then I leave you this and I bore my testimony of the living Christ. The storm was ended and contention left.

Valorie said...

YOU ROCK! I love that quote, it is the one that stuck in my mind from that conference. What a wonderful mother you are also. The example you set for your children bearing testimony and being patient, steadfast and immovable. You are my hero today!

hoLLy said...

i am a scaredy cat and wonder if i was in your situation what i would've done. maybe i would've born my testimony, but i would've been shaky and then cried later in the car. thats how i am:) i am a timid/shy gal. i really admire your gutso. and like others have said, you are setting a wonderful example to your children. you go girl!

Brynn said...

Good for you! You are an incredible example not just to your kids, but to others as well. I'm not sure how I would have handled the situation, but you did it perfectly.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW! What an amazing comeback! You did good! I just can't believe that happened! Kudos dear sweet friend! ♥

CaryManda said...

What an amazing example you are! I love reading your writings!
I pray that I can be as strong as you!

Tara D said...

I'm such a coward when it comes to things like that. I mean I don't so much mind confrontation, but when it comes to religion and topics sensitive to me, I really try to avoid it. I guess it's kinda the same with everyone. I really admire you for your strength and your ability to bear your testimony over such circumstances. Even if it didn't do anything to change those peoples' minds, I'm sure it helped not only your testimony grow stronger from it, but your childrens' as well. Good for you!

Renee said...

Wow, what an uncomfortable situation, but you were spot on! Hey, maybe I'll try this next time I'm in a long line at the grocery.

Kerri said...

Very well put! Thanks for sharing that!

Rachel said...

Are you serious!? Farmer underwear!? You rock, that is so awesome that you stood up for all you believe in, such a powerful example to your kids and I bet they will remember it!!!

The Mom said...

She really said farmer underwear? What century is she living in? LOL And good for you for bearing your testimony. What an awesome thing to do. Your children will remember that.

The Mom said...

We went through similar struggles, and yes, sometimes you just have to put it in the Lord's hands, and he will never let you fall. He may let you slip and struggle, but he is always there to catch you. Thanks for reminding me.