Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Memories

Monday Memories...

As of the end of October my husband has been laid off. It was not a permenent thing, but still no work for how long?

Well this week was the first week that he has been back to work.

October through Feburary.. ouch.

The economy is scary right now. NO Ones job is secure. I know many friends and family have unfortunatly have lost their jobs who are such wonderful people, I wanted to share a couple of my memories with you..

When I had heard the news, I was having a 2 sided thought on the subject.

1. We went down this road last year, when we found out my hubby had cancer, we can do this again?

2. We went down this road last year, how can we do this again?

Well let me tell you, it was hard. I am not going to lie. I cried when I would go to a gorcery store, and couldn't buy the things I really wanted to.

But we never once went hungry, we never once did without.

I contemplated whether or not to go back to work, it would help, but we prayed and it was not the right thing to do.

So living on unemployement, that did not even cover our bills.

How did we get by?

Prayers, living with in our means, faith, and more faith.

In November we lucked out, and had money still in our account to pay the bills.

In December we were out of money, due to the fact that we paid off hospital bills.

But Angels helped us out. Santa brang Christmas, and I heart him for that.

On January first, a stranger came to our house, knocked on the door, left a envelope and ran. What?! Who?!

I opened that envelope, it read...

You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I had a dream everyday for the past week about you. I got tired of the dream and woke up, went to my account and pulled out 1,300 for you. I don't know what you need it for, but here you go.

God bless...

do you know that was the amount of our rent!!

I balled like a baby.

When we had to move I about died, we barely have any money for a payment let alone all the moving expenses, and deposit.

Bishop told us, if we needed to to let him help..

I told my husband that we should let him help. My husband simply said," no we will be ok."

We got that money some how, I really still don't understand, but I don't need to, I know that it was Heavenly Father.

Now we are out of money again. Our second house payment due, what do we do?

We looked in our account, and 3,000 came from his work.. I jumped for joy, his holiday pay came.

Now our tax return is coming to put our feet back on the ground.. Yay!!

I know that if needed we can have the church help out, and I am thankful for that, but this time, it was our faith that was tested, and we suceeded..

So if you have fallen, due to the economy. Know that it WILL be hard, But know you are not alone.

I am thankful that Maka is back to work, but we know that it is not a garentee for how long.

So we will live within our means so the next time something happens we will be prepared.

I used to want to buy worldy things, ok I still want an Iphone, but I know I will never get it.

But now, my thoughts have changed.

1. Take care of my family first.

2. Teach them the right way by example.

3. Prepare for what will be ahead. Food storage, etc..

I know that is going to get worse. It is Heavenly Fathers Plan. I am ok with that. But I know I need to prepare more.

Boring memory I know! (journal rember)

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Kristina P. said...

Devri, what a hard year you have had! But what abundant blessings you have received!

Kenny Do's said...

Devri, you are a woman of MUCH faith! I love to hear your, it's not such a boring post to me...~hugs~

::Jan:: said...

I think you are going to be helping alot of people through your testimony and your example and understanding. Devri, you have been so blessed because of your great faith. I am so happy for you and that person that had that powerful dream. Thanks to them for following the prompting.

Loved this Devri and we are all in this together because we never know when it is our turn to tell our stories.


MiaKatia said...

It is hard to live by faith like you do Devri, and we need the reminders that it can be done. So thank you for your testimony.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Wow, this is an amazing story. So glad you made it through the fiery furnace.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Devri. And yes, for sure you can copy the post. A link back would be nice. Glad you liked the amazing picture.

Renee said...

Hey, those are awesome memories! My husband and I have both had preparation on our minds and are getting our ducks in a row as well. It's so wonderful to read a post like this to strengthen my resolve. You're a great lady!

Christie said...

This post really hit home because my husband was laid off last year too. I know how hard it is to struggle and to get by on miracles and the generousity of others. Great post!

HILLARY said...

we have had things dropped on our doorstep at times. I can't wait until we can pay it forward! The time will be here soon enough! We are in the same faith boat as you. As we wait for the loan for us to open our business.... I know it is in the Lord's time and not mine. We've made it thus far and I know we will have what we need when we need it,.

Thank yo for the beautiful reminder of faith! xoxo

Melody said...

You really are and inspiration to mee. I need to be more like you. Thanks

rachel said... What amazing miracles you have received and what faith you have. My hubby was laid off last year and started a new job. I feel sometimes like I'm just holding my breath...we have been so blessed though.

Melissa P said...

My husband didn't lose his job,but he decided to change jobs. Thus taking a major paycut. We decided it was to teach us to live within our means. It is a great thing to learn to do. My sil husband lost his job and some of the same things have happened to them. It is amazing how Heavenly Father blesses us in hard times.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I needed this today. thanks.

CaryManda said...

I love reading your testimony. It strengthens mine!!

Juli said...

You don't know how much I needed to read that post! THANK YOU!

Cheryl Anne said...

I wish I had your faith, but that would mean I would have to have your level of trials. We're reaching the end of our rope, but I do know the Lord is aware of us. somehow this will all work out and we will all be stronger for it. Thanks for the post, I needed a lift.


Devri, You are one amazing lady!! I grew up in a family of ten children and as a child I watched my family experience some of these same miracles. Your experiences have strenghtened my resolve to be prepared more spiritually and physically.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

What a wonderful post about your faith and the Lord's blessings. Not boring at all. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You're amazing. You're making me tearful right now, because you are wonderful. Thanks for sharing about your trials and the faith that helped you through. What a tremendous example you are to me.

I send you hugs.

islandgirl said...

Your posts are always inspiring! Thank you for sharing your life's trials, they help us in our own! Love ya!

Rachel said...

Oh wow, okay you ROCK! This has been us a few times over the past few years. Seriously, that story was exactly what happened to us! We couldn't find work and we found an envelope on our doorstep with enough money in it for rent. Who does that?! WOW! The next month, the bishop helped us by being perceptive. He even brought by a roast and some ice cream so we could have something nice! That was 4 years ago. This year, from July-November, my husband graduated and couldn't find a job. It was insane!! But miracles kept happening. I love your faith and testimony!!!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

um, boring... not even! That was the most amazing post ever. I'm so amazed by you and your hubby! I'm so amazed by the ring and run envelope of $1300. What amazing miracles and blessings. You have strengthened my testimony of trusting in the Lord. Thank you for sharing your life's stories! ♥♥♥

Pam's Pride said...

What a testimony and a blessing!!
Here is a site that I find is very helpful for canning and being more prepared for lean times: